5 Telltale Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You

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Let’s get into the signs that your friend doesn’t care about you.  No matter if you want to believe it or not the people that you have in your most inner circle can make or break you.  Understand that having toxic friends, frenemies, and people who do not care about you in your inner space can bring you down. I want you to also consider watching my video below about toxic friends and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.  For more tips and signs, your friend doesn’t care about you. 

1. Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You ~ They Are Never There When You Need Them

One of the first signs your friend doesn’t care about you is that they are never there when you need them.  Now granted no one can be there for us 24/7. But there is a difference between you needing a friend and that friend ignoring you. And you needing a friend, and them telling you that they are busy right now but would call you later.  One makes an effort while the other does not. 

2. Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You ~ Case in point:

As I was driving on the highway my tire literally blew out and I needed help changing it.  I called one of my guy friends (who had been trying to convince me how important I was in his life) and he didn’t even pick up the phone.  I texted him what happened and nothing.  My second friend (also a guy) I called, not only did he pick up the phone but he actually came out to help me change my tire. 

I pointed out this story because if you notice my friend was not there when I needed him to be.  He did not have to stop what he was doing to come and help me with my tire but he did not even pick up the phone or answer my text until days later.  This is why you need to ask yourself. 

If you were in a situation in which you really needed someone, would your friend at least TRY to help or would they go ghost until your issue is resolved and you don’t need them anymore? Just so that they do not have to deal with you in your time of need.  If a friend, does not even care to be there in your time a need, that is a friend that does not care about you. 

3. Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You ~ They Hold You Back

I actually told this story in my video below where every time I would tell my so-called friend one of my goals she would actually laugh at me or tell me I could not do it.  In this case, I was going back to school for my MS degree and then my Ph.D. and my so-called friend would laugh at me and tell me how I would drop out. 

As I said in my blog here, that positive friends will want you to succeed.  If you have a friend and you tell them your goals, dreams, and plans that you know will elevate your life and your friends try to talk you out of it.  This is the type of friend that normally only wants to be friends with you as long as you are on their level.  The moment you want to move past their level or have other goals for yourself that threaten them, friends that don’t care about you will do anything and everything to dissuade you from your goals.  Real friends not only want to see you succeed but they want to succeed with you. 

4. Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You ~ They Are A Backstabber

If you have a friend that smiles in your face but stabs you in the back with every chance that they get then they are not your friend.  I talked about this story in a video that you can watch below.  But I once had a friend that I also worked with.  She did not want me to get the promotion over her, so when she thought she was alone with our supervisor she bad-mouthed me. 

What she did not know was my REAL friend was working in that room and came back and told me.  I noticed that she started to do this sort of thing a lot, all the while she was smiling in my face.  Real friends should not be in an unhealthy competition with you and want to sabotage your opportunities or even relationships by backstabbing you.  A real friend is not going to go behind your back and sleep with a man that you told her you liked.  That is not what real friends do and that is a sure sign that your friend does not care about you. 

5. Signs Your Friend Does Not Care About You Final Thoughts

To sum it all up the three main signs that your friend does care about you is that they are: 

  • Never there when you need them. 
  • They hold you back. 
  • They are a backstabber. 

Now, of course, there can be thousands of signs that your friend doesn’t care about you but all and all just know that a friendship should feel good and it should be supportive.  The moment that your friendship feels toxic and is difficult to deal with, then that is how you know that person needs to go and for you not to feel bad about it.  I give you permission to cut toxic people out of your life.  If you know someone who can share this post then share it with them. 

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