What Is A Beta Male? 4 Ways To Recognize & Avoid Them

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What is a beta male? Well in short a beta male is something that I have dubbed a man-child which I have a blog post on and a video on that you can watch below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.   But in short to answer your question “what is a beta male.” A beta male: is a man that is unmotivated, nonassertive, men who have no real plans for their life, they will not take initiative, and if they can live off of you they will. 

1. What Is A Beta Male Personality

  • He will not work. 
  • He will want to move into your house and live off of you. 
  • He will gaslight you when you mention his behavior.  
  • He sees women as just sex and so you may be one of many on rotation. 
  • He does not actually add value to your life not emotionally and not financially. 

I think it should pretty much go without saying that you should want to avoid a beta male at all costs because aligning yourself with them will only bring you down in the long run. 

2. What Is A Beta Male Personality ~ How To Recognize A Beta Male At Onset

Not many beta males are just going to come up to you and tell you that they are not about anything. And so in order to save yourself some heartache and headache, I am going to give you some tips on how to recognize a beta male when you meet him.   Feel free to check out my video below on how to weed men out on the first date as it will give you additional tips on the right questions to ask if you want to know how to recognize and weed out a beta male. 

Because at the end of the day, when you are dating a man what a beta male won’t have is: 

  • Goals
  • A plan for his life. 
  • He is probably stagnant. 
  • He plays the victim and blames other people for his problems. 

So as you date and speak to men you will need to determine if they are actually handling their own life and if they have direction. And if they don’t then they are a beta male.  And I must tell you that you cannot confuse talk for action.  One of the traits of a beta male is that they will often talk about what they want to do and they will talk so much that they will actually convince you that they are about something when really they are all talk.  So do not fall into that trap. If a man’s goal is to start a business, he needs to have actual plans you can see that show that he is actually working toward a business. 

A beta male that is all talk will be talking about starting that business for the next 15 years and will not have made any progress.  But they will still have the nerve to ask you for money and get you to fund their business, even when they don’t actually have one.  Which is a beta male trait, to use you for your money without actually putting forth any real work on their own. 

3. What Is A Beta Male Personality ~ What To Do If You Are With A Beta Male

So you may have come to this post wondering what is a beta male because deep down you may have suspensions that you are with one.  Before I get into what to do about a beta male I want to get into a little story about my friend.  She was married to a beta male that she met while he was still with his wife (see my blog here for more of my opinions on that).  This situation put her at a disadvantage from the start.  The reason why is because once she married her beta male after stealing him from his wife she had invested too much and could not leave.  

She decided to stay in her marriage of 10 years and carry her husband on her back.  While she worked two jobs and earned a degree her husband went to community college and had not graduated in 10  years. Nor had he had a job in 10 years.  But see my friend fell into the talking game. She felt that her husband talking about school meant that he was serious about it when he had been going for 10 years with no degree or certification insight. 

She also let her husband manipulate her.  Her husband would refer back to this old wife and compare her to his old wife.  What this kept her doing was jumping through hoops in order to prove herself and that she was worthy of being his new wife.  Causing her to do everything while he does nothing.  Also, check out my video down below on that. 

When it comes to what to do if you are with a beta male you really need to determine if it is best to just up and leave.  I used my friend as an example because there were several red flags from the onset, the major one being that he was married.  This is where she should have walked away.  Once she continued on with the relationship and her man did not have a job or a plan before they got married.  She needed to walk away. 

And once they got married, within the first year if she was still sitting there working herself as a slave while her husband did nothing but live off of her.  She should have left.  My main point in telling you this story is that you do not want to get so caught up in a situation with a beta male that you stay in a situation with a beta male.  My friend was married for 10 years and any time before that she could have walked away.  But she stayed and wasted time hoping that he would become a man that he never was.  Not even when she met him. 

4. What Is A Beta Male ~ Final Thoughts

If you are with a beta male then you probably cannot change him.  So you have to determine if you want to walk away.  And once you make that determination that is what you do.  Despite your feeling, it is always better for you to walk away, give it time, and for you to heal.  We can feel and fall for a beta male, but just because you do does not mean that this person is healthy for you. 

Falling in love with a toxic person does not mean that they are good for you or that your relationship is meant to me.  It is okay to be selfish.  And a prime time to be selfish is to cut people out of your life especially when they will just drag you down.  Remember forgiveness does not equal reconciliation as I said in my video below. If you enjoyed this post or know someone you may want to read or listen then share this post with them. And don’t forget to check out my book for single women (Fix It Jesus For Single Women Only) that you can click here to buy

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