6 Girls Night Out Ideas For The Grown & Sexy

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In this post I am going to give you some amazing girl’s night out ideas and ladies night out ideas that are specifically for women that are on their grown woman status. And by grown woman status I mean that if you are expecting me to give you some crazy ratchet advice about going out and stripping on the bar then you can exit stage left.

When I was in my undergrad years I am sure that I had some of those moments. BUT as I gold older I prefer a more classy and sophisticated environment over a bring your own bottle and there is a large possibility I may get shot up in this club type of environment.

All that means for you, is that all of my girl’s night-out ideas are going to be focused on the more mature and sophisticated ladies. It could be the 30 and up women, the single moms, the women that are just tired of going to places with a bunch of teenie boppers in it and you feel like the oldest one there, or the women who just want to go to places to meet mature men.

Do not worry. I have you covered. Also, check out my video on where to go if you are a lonely single mom, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Ladies Night Out Girls Night Out Ideas ~ #1 Choose a Lounge Over a Club.

I said I was over the traditional club scene, I never said I did not like to dance. Just because you are on your grown and sexy does not mean you do not want to listen to music or that you do not like dancing. In fact, I love to dance. I just do not like dancing in a hot and sweaty club, where I am standing on my feet all night, and there is no where to sit down because there are way too many people there.

The difference between a lounge and a club is that a lounge typically has more seating, food, you can choose to dance or you can choose to chill out, socialize, and lounge.  Hence the word lounge.  Some lounges even have additional activities such a pool table. It is a more comfortable experience and typically brings a more mature crowd in case you want to meet other people.

A lounge really has the environment where the music is not crazy LOUD and if you want to mingle you can do that without screaming over the speakers. If you go to a lounge often times you can reserve a table.  This way you can have something to come back to once you have been dancing to rest your feet, order some food, or order some drinks.

Ladies Night Out Girls Night Out Ideas ~ #2 Choose an Uber Black Car Service

I am a big fan of not driving because the traffic in the DC area is so bad. BUT if you really want to flaunt that new career money that you are making as a grown woman then why not get an Uber Black car service.  Pull up to your venue in style. If you are a grown, classy, and sophisticated woman why not look the part.

Ladies Night Out Girls Night Out Ideas ~  #3 Dress Up

Not only should you dress up but you should go to a place that requires you to dress up.  If you are getting ready to go out and you put on your little black dress and heels are you really going to pull up to a spot where torn jeans are the dress code.  Probably not.

If you and your girlfriends are confused about where to go, just dress up and go to the nice side of town where you know a lot of upscale bars and upscale places are.  Recommendations will come to you easily because you look the part.  Also, check out my video below on how to style a little black dress:

For example: 

When I was in New York, we were on the train dressed up trying to figure out where to go.  With one look at me and my friend (where we were dressed up) someone asked us if were were trying to go to Manhattan then proceeded to give us recommendations on where to go there.

And all because we LOOKED the part of people who were looking to go somewhere nice. We were not familiar with the area nor did we really know where we wanted to go. But because we fit the mold of a certain persona and we looked like we belong to a certain crowd, and people helped us out by giving us suggestions based on the grown and sexiness that we were giving off.

This dressing up has even worked when you go to a  nice lounge, club, or exclusive place where not everyone gets in.  If the doorman looks at you and you look like a nice, presentable, and sophisticated women; then you are literally increasing the chance that you will gain admission to more exclusive and upscale spots.

Ladies Night Out Girls Night Out Ideas ~ #4 Take a Trip

6 Girls Night Out Ideas That Will Make It A Grown & Sexy One  Classy women  can party too but they do it in a more sophisticated and classy way. Find out what they are now

Who does not want to take a trip?  For a grown and sexy girls trip you can choose places that have different options for you to get your grow and sexy on. In fact, I took a trip to New Orleans (click to read) with a bunch of my grown and professional female friends.  When you go on a trip there are some things that you want to keep in mind. If you go to Cancun during spring break then I am sure that you know you will encounter the young college crowd that does not vibe with your whole grown and sexiness.

That is more like a “Girl’s gone wild” type of trip.   Instead, look online at reviews of places that you want to go. What is the environment like, what type of crowd does it draw, and what type of activities do they have.  Also, try to go more toward higher-rated hotels or resorts such as a 4 or a 5 star.  Not everyone is going to stay there.

Overall more mature professionals are in hotels like that which is the ideal crowd you want to be around.  If you ladies are looking to network or to even meet men, then you are more than likely going to meet them in a professional and higher caliber travel destination staying in a nice hotel or resort.

Ladies Night Out Girls Night Out Ideas ~ #5 Happy Hour

Happy hour can be a place where professionals go after work to get a drink. This is why it can be ideal for you to meet your girlfriends after work and enjoy a nice happy hour. But I want to warn you, not all happy hours are created equal.  For a grown and sexy happy hour, skip out on the TGI Fridays and opt for places like Bone Fish Grill or Ruth’s Chris. Do your research and see what upscale places are open for happy hour.

Go to places in which there is a business district where people have good jobs and want to go to happy hour.  That way you can meet people that can hold an intelligent conversation and you know the happy hour is more geared toward working adults. And as a grown and sexy woman, this is where you want to be.  Every time I go to a good quality happy hour, 9 times out of 10 I meet an intellectual and productive man to have a conversation with.

Or at the very least other grown and sexy people that are on the same level as you. Which is what you want.

Tip if you want to hit up happy hour.  You have to go straight from work so be sure to wear something to work that is professional and cute enough to wear to the bar or happy hour. Also consider getting my year-long capsule wardrobe that will teach you how to put your own classy work, happy hour, and date night outfits together.  That is always super affordable.  Just click here. 

Do your hair and put on some make-up, even wear heels. The last thing you want to do is to step into happy hour looking like you just had your worse day at work. Also, consider checking out my video on how to put yourself in a position.  For those single ladies who are looking to possibly meet a man while out it is important to know the dos and don’ts when out at places such as a happy hour. You can watch the video down below.

Ladies Night Out Girls Night Out Ideas ~ #6 Choose somewhere that is geared toward your age

Going somewhere that is geared toward your age is probably the best way to be grown and sexy. Before I was 21 I went to a bunch of 18 and up clubs where mostly 18 years old were. Then when I was 21 I went to a bunch of 21 and up clubs where a bunch of 21 years old were.

I have also tried 25 and up and 30 and up clubs and I think you get the picture.  That the clubs based on age are geared toward that specific population.  And when you start going to those types of clubs that are geared toward your age then you can almost bet everyone else should have the same type of grown-up demeanor and personality.

So, these are the 6 Girl’s Night Out ideas to give you the best sophisticated, classy, grown, and sexy night possible.  If you know some grown and sexy ladies that are looking for tips to have a ladies night out then share this post with them.


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Ladies Night Out Girls Night Out Ideas


  1. Hi Sophia, you look absolutely gorgeous in that new year eve’s outfit, love that pink skirt! I am also past 30 and would definitely like to visit a place more geared towards my age group with like-minded people….I definitely can’t party so hard like I used to 10 years ago…haha… Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Ha ha. We did not get the memo last week in Chicago when my besties and I (46) all partied down with the babies. So funny. They kept looking at us like were someone’s mom come to get them!

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