If He Wants You He Will Pursue You Here’s 5 Reasons Why

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If he wants you he will pursue you. I do not want to hear about what day and age it is. I do not care about his past childhood issues. I do not care that you think he is shy, tongue-tied, emotionally damaged, or does not like talking on the phone for more than 10 minutes.

If a man wants you he will make it happen. If a man is interested in you he will pursue you. PERIOD. POINT. DOT. AND it is not going to take a whole lot of running, chasing, and acting crazy to get him to notice you, make you his girlfriend, or to marry you.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing  Proverbs 18:22.

Not she who chases down a man because she gets tired of him not paying her any attention. I do not know what is going on with some women these days, some women are so tired of being single, that they are willing to compromise their own pride and self-dignity just to say that they are in a relationship and so they chase the man instead of letting the man chase them. Without realizing that if a man wants you he will make it happen.

1. If he wants you he will pursue you, but give a man space to pursue you

If he wants you he will pursue you but you have to give him space to do just that. Giving a man space to pursue means that you STOP chasing after him. How can a man chase you if you are doing all of the chasing? I know what the world tries to make you believe that men are in short supply.  But that is not the truth.

And if single women keep throwing themselves at a man, then a man will never see your value. Women, in case you did not know, you are supposed to be the prize, make him chase you.  He is supposed to find you.  A man that is ready to get married will be looking for a wife, and if you are the woman that he is looking for then he is going to find you. You do not have to do that for him.

You should not have to chase him down, convince him of your worth and cook and clean his house. You should not be calling his mother dropping by her house and telling her that you are her future daughter and law.

You should not be the only one calling, texting, and planning dates because he won’t do it. If he wants you he will pursue you. It is not going to take you doing cartwheels, summer salts, and trying to do the impossible to get him to notice you.

In fact, I am a huge advocate that if you want to chase anything then chase your purpose and not a man.  I have a video that you can watch below.  When you are about your business, then it makes you more appealing for a man to chase you.

2. If he wants you he will pursue you, If He Does Not Show Interest Then Let Him Go

If he wants you he will pursue you but if he is not pursuing you then let him go. You may be in a relationship right now where you know that a man is not really paying you any attention, he is not trying to date you (Netflix and Chill is not a date by the way), and he is not trying to pursue you.

But instead of seeing the situation for what it is, that he is really not that into you, you are afraid to walk away from situations that are obviously jacked up. You want him to love you, you want him to see what a good fit you two are, how perfect you are for him, and you want him to NEED YOU.

It can be a blow to the ego when a man that we want does not want us. BUT  women, you do not need a man, you need a GOOD man.  I do not care how great the sex is, I don’t care how cute he is, I do not care how much you like him.

If the feelings are not mutual get a hobby to occupy your time and keep it moving.  If a guy likes you he will let you know, if a man is interested he will pursue you, and if he is not letting you know then he may not like you.

 3. If a man is interested he will pursue you ~ How you can really know that I am telling the truth

If you do not believe me I want you to think of something. Think of a man that you REALLY did not like. You did not answer his phone calls and you probably ignored him, and did he stop chasing you. NO, he did not. He kept trying to get with you even as you were not paying him any attention.

Right there is proof that if he wants you he will pursue you, even the ones you don’t like. For most of us, we have had a guy try to talk to us but we had no interest whatsoever in being with the guy. The guy never gave up, like the energizer bunny he kept going and going and going and going, trying to be with you and get your attention.

That is because even though you do not like him he likes you and that is why he is playing such an active role in pursuing you. So imagine that if this is the case with a man that you don’t like, he tries to pursue you then a man that you do like; if he is not putting forth the same effort then he really does not like you back?

4. If he wants you he will pursue you ~ How can I make him like me

If he wants you he will pursue you but you cannot make him you cannot make a guy like you and you cannot make a guy love you. And the last thing you want to do is to try to change yourself into someone else and earn his love because you really like him.  That is another form of chasing.

BUT I do think that there are some things that you can do to enhance the likelihood that he will like you.  Also, be approachable. That means do not have a resting mean face and get mad or an attitude just because he said hi to you.  These things cannot make him like you, but they do make you more likable, which means he is more likely to want to pursue you if he likes how you come across.

if he wants you he will pursue you

 5. If He wants You He Will Pursue You ~ How To Get A Guy To Chase You After You Chased Him

This question is an easy question to answer but the outcome is something that you may not like.  In the end, if you are doing all the chasing you need to stop and you need to pull way back. If you want him to chase you after you have chased him then just stop chasing as simple as that.

BUT know that just because you pull back does not mean that he will pursue you. He may just drop off the face of the Earth because guess what he never really liked you that much anyway and he was just with you because he was bored.  If a man does not like you then you can pull away and stop chasing all you want, which is not going to do anything but give him permission to disappear.

If He wants You He Will Pursue You ~ Final tips?

Before I get into my final tips I highly suggest you check out my YouTube video below on how to spot a good man.

Drop the desperate woman act, it is a turn-off.  If when you first met a man and within the first week he told you that he ready to get married, impregnate you with his 5 kids, meet your family, and pulled out a wedding ring;  you would more than likely bolt to the nearest police station to get a restraining order.

You do not need to chase a man, sleep with a man, or become attached at the hip in order for him to like you.  In fact, chasing is the exact opposite of what you should do.

 If you are with a man in which you are doing all the work and he is not chasing you then get rid of him. He is not that into you. Remember if a guy likes you he will let you know.

I am not lying to you because I am some bitter woman that does not have a man. I am telling you the truth because every man that has liked you that you have not liked has more than likely tried to go above and beyond to get your attention. Proving my point.

Be yourself and don’t change who you are to get a man to like you. You cannot make anyone like you. But you can pull way back so you can determine if he likes even likes you are not.  Also known as giving a man space to pursue you.

Stop being so thirsty!  Sometimes, when you do this, you find out that the man your chasing, really isn’t a good fit for you at all.  It could also be the strength and independence that draw the man to you.  Not the “ready to get married” sign hanging around your neck.  I have come to find that men want to get married just as much as we do.  But they do not want to be forced into it.  And that is exactly what chasing does.  So stop chasing a man, make him chase you.

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