3 Very Easy Natural Hair Mohawks Styles

Today I am going to bring you 3 natural hair Mohawks that anyone can do. If I can do them then I know for a fact that you can put them off too.  All of these are mohawks styles on natural hair. And can be a very good option if your hair is natural or even transitioning. Are you ready? Let’s get into these 3 Simple and Easy Natural Hair Mohawks anyone can do.

Natural Hair Mohawks #1:

natural hair mohawks

The first is a traditional curly Mohawk. This is a great Mohawk style that can be used on natural hair or even relaxed hair.  I know that this mohawk can look a little intimidating but it really is not as hard as it seems. BUT it is going to require more time and effort to do.

I will show you my tutorial on how I got this style below, BUT I have to give credit where credit is due and I actually got this style from an amazing YouTuber called the Chic Natural.  First and foremost her hair is a lot longer than mine. I will put her video below so you can see the differences.

But if you are looking for a similar mohawk for short natural hair then you can check out my video. Because this style is can be used on different lengths of natural hair.

Natural Hair Mohawks #2

natural hair mohawks

This is a style that I actually found from Pinterest.  I am showing the original picture below and I know what you are going to be thinking. That my hairstyle looks nothing like the original.  But remember I said simple and easy and I did not want to spend all day doing all of these twists.

And so I came up with my own abbreviated version.  The most time-consuming aspect of this style is that it is hard to twist or braid the back of your hair on your own. But twists are much easier than actually braiding your hair.

Easier and less time-consuming. Anyway, I showed you my inspiration for this style BUT my hair was a lot shorter and I did not want to spend as much time on the style.  This makes a great mohawk for short natural hair.

Natural Hair Mohawks #3

natural hair mohawks

Below is the style inspiration that I used for this style.  The issue of course is that the inspiration style is that her hair is much longer and I was working with shorter hair.  This is why this is a good Mohawk for short natural hair and long natural hair. You can get different looks depending on your hair length.

natural hair mohawks

Out of all of the Mohawk tutorials, I would say that this one was one of the easier ones.  All you have to do is section of the hair in a few puffs and then tuck them under.  Which makes it less time-consuming. You can also play with the parts to give you a different look as well.

So there you have it, 3 very simple and easy natural hair mohawks that anyone can do.  I personally am not a hairstylist and  I managed to pull them off so I know for a fact that you can too.  In any case, if you know a fellow natural hair sista that is looking for style inspiration then feel free to share these styles with them. Also, check out my other post for natural hair tutorials by clicking here. 


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