How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs In 4 Easy Steps

In this post, I am going to tell you how to make a wig with bangs. Making your own wig is not as hard as it may sound. For this method I am making a full cap wig with bangs with is actually a lot easier. Because you do not have to deal with a bunch of closures, lace fronts, or anything like that.

So if you are new to making your own wig then I actually suggest that you can start with making a full cap wig with bangs because it is the easiest and the hardest to mess up.  If you are a visual person I have a full video that will show you exactly how to do this wig. AND I am going also to walk you step by step on how to do this wig complete with pictures, just to show you that it literally is NOT anywhere near hard or intimidating as you think it is. Now, remember, I am self-taught so if I can figure it out so can you.

BUT before we get into it I have to tell you what prompted me to even create this wig. I went to the beauty supply store and saw a similar wig that was on sale for $400. Knowing the budget-conscious fashionista I am I said no to that wig and sought to create my own and here was the finished look.

How to make a wig with bangs ~What You Will Need

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  • I ended up buying the Outre Gem Human Hair (click here to buy) for around $30 dollars per pack. I bought two packs 16 inches in length and in the color 1 because I wanted it to be very dark. 

Also, if you are a reader of my blog then you know that I am super ALL FOR affordable human hair. So if you are looking for affordable human hair then the Outre Gem is something that you can go for.  It is silky, has body, curls well, and is of pretty good quality.  You can check out another post that I did on affordable human hair. 

  • The Qfit makes your own wig dome cap (click here to buy). A lot of people use a regular dome cap for wig making, but I love this dome cap because it is specifically for making wigs.  It has markings on it that help with the placement of the hair and it fits me better than a dome cap.
  • A glue gun (click here to buy). You can always sew your wig, BUT they take up way too much time. I can cut my time in half by using a glue gun and it looks the same to me as sewing.
  • A mannequin head (click here to buy). Since most mannequin heads are smaller than your actual head. I recommend using padding to add size to the mannequin head. That way matches your own head size.  If you make your wig on the mannequin head, and the mannequin head is too small then your wig may be too small or it may not fit right.

How Your Own Wig With Bangs ~ Step By Step

  • See the full video below to see how I made this wig, and for additional help keep reading so I can break down each step for you step by step.

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs ~ Step #1 Place The Hair

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs

After placing the dome cap on your head you are going to start gluing the hair from the nape of the neck.  For this tutorial I used a glue gun, in my opinion, it makes the wig last longer. But can also use hair bonding glue. At this point you are literally just going to place the hair one on top of the other, stacking it around the head of the mannequin making U shape. Remember making this U shape as you place the hair is important because it determines how the hair is laying once it is on your head.

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs ~ Step #2 Place Hair In A Circle

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs

Once you get to about the midpoint of your head you are going to start gluing the hair in a circle.  Covering both the front of the head and going in a circle to around the back of the head. Ideally, when you are finished you want a small circle at the top of the mannequin head because that is where you are going to place your closure. Also, please note that gluing the wig in a circle limits the stretch. So it is helpful to make sure that your mannequin head is padded to around your head size or to try the actual wig on before, during, and after gluing to ensure a good fit.

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs ~ Step #3 Place The Closure

Once you have a small enough space at the top you are going to place the closure.  This is a Duby closure in the sense that there is no lace and no scalp visible. For this reason, it is very affordable, AND also it is ideal when you make a full cap wig with bangs. Because you will not have to worry about the cap showing through underneath as there is no parting space with this closure.

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs ~ Step #4 Style And Cut

Once you have placed your closure then the wig is complete. Just put the wig on your head, cut the bang,  and style as desired.  That’s it.

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs

Now that you see that making your own full cap wig with bangs is pretty much one of the easiest wig that you can start with I really hope that you encouraged to try it out for yourself.

How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs

If you know a budget-friendly beauty that wants to buy their own wigs but does not have the money to do it then share this post with her.

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How To Make Your Own Wig With Bangs


  1. I’ve never really worn a wig. I’ve tried on the ones my sister and mom wear but never really took one but for a spin…partly because they make my head sweat haha my sister started making them and she loves it we call them names like Gabi and Kelly haha

    • Yeah I got into them when I went natural. Because being natural takes a lot to do your hair. And then I came to love them. Because it gives my hair a break from everyday styling. But that is why I make my own, because I want them tailored to my head.

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