How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~The Healthy Way

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In this post, I am going to tell you how to lose weight without exercise fast. And by fast I mean in as little as one week. The reason that I know that this works is that I actually did this myself and low and behold, I ended up losing 6 pounds in one week.

I continued on this diet until I lost a total of 50 pounds with just dieting alone and very limited exercise if any at all. What can I say to HATE to exercise? But in all fairness, you should exercise because if you do then just imagine how much more weight you can lose. Now before we get started let’s get into my story.  Also, you can check out my video below where I talk about my weight gain and weight lost.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ My Story

I mentioned before in a previous blog that I am on a journey to weight loss since I have gained so much weight in the past two years. To kick off my weight loss I started with getting smart lipo (see my blog here for more on that).  But I am also not naive enough to think that having plastic surgery is the end-all to my weight loss journey. 

I really need to learn to live a healthy lifestyle unless I want to just keep eating, gaining weight, and getting smart lipo ( which of course I don’t). Which is where this whole lifestyle change began. Since this was with no exercise,  I think this shows how important eating habits are in losing weight since I was able to lose so much with just changing my eating habits alone. Let’s go ahead and get into what you should be eating, shall we?

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1. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast What Is The Diet Anyway?

This is not just a blog about how to lose weight without exercise fast, and I am just going to tell you to starve yourself or something crazy. So I did go to a doctor for this diet and he pretty much gave me a meal plan to stick to and even though I will mention examples of things that I ate during the diet what it all comes down to is that this is a low carb and a low sugar diet.  I know that it sounds extreme BUT it really is a healthier way to eat AND there are plenty of sugar-free desserts that you can look forward to (which I will mention).

And let’s be real, the fact of the matter is that you are not going to just be able to eat whatever it is that you want and lose weight. You are going to have to try to eat healthily, eat fewer calories, and have A LOT of protein on this diet. Which is how you can get away with no exercise. The diet does not have to be this strict forever, but I did follow this way of eating for about 3 months and I lost a total of 25 pounds as the weight loss does slow the longer you follow the diet.  Your first week of weight loss probably will be the most dramatic.

2. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ Breakfast:

Here is how to lose weight without exercise fast, it is mostly about your eating. So for breakfast, you can switch up what you have for breakfast (which I will mention below) but for me personally, I tend pretty much at the same thing every day. I ate 100 calories of vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt. Remember when I said that this needed to be a low sugar type of diet. Having plain Greek yogurt is the best, but if that does not taste well to you then you can have flavored yogurt such as the vanilla or fruit. BUT make sure that you do not eat over 10 grams of sugar in one meal.

You want to make sure that whatever yogurt you choose is ideally sugar-free or has less than  10 grams of sugar.  Since I am not a breakfast eater this yogurt was fine with me. I did have a cup of coffee with it. For this diet, I did have to stay away from sugar and cream, and so I drink black coffee.  Not only is black coffee low in calories but it keeps you from adding sugar to your diet because even putting sugar in your coffee can add to the grams of sugar you consume which is what you don’t want.

Yogurt for me was a great meal on the go, but if you want something more substantial then you can get egg whites with turkey bacon or something instead.  You can also choose to have cottage cheese with some fruit. But the fruits should be blackberries or blueberries. Stay away from carb-heavy fruit like strawberries or pineapples.

3. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ For Snack. 

Since I am teaching you how to lose weight without excercise fast I am going to tell you that you can actually eat. You will have two snacks a day. For a snack, you will have to have a vegetable-based snack.  Because these things are very low-calorie meaning you can eat more of it and get full.  For me personally, I chose to have Kale chips and they were ones that I made. The ones from the store typically have cashews mixed in them and that is what you DON’T want. No nuts.

So just put oil olive on some kale, put it in the oven for a few minutes, and there you have your own kale chips. You can choose to sprinkle some salt on them. If by chance you are on the go and don’t have time to make kale chips, then I found that seaweed is a great alternative. It gives you the feel like you are snacking on chips and they are very low calorie. You can also choose to have a small side salad as well.

4. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ Lunch and Dinner

The last step on how to lose weight without exercise fast lunch and dinner. Lunch and Dinner are pretty much the same things to eat. Typically, when I make dinner I make enough of it so that I can take it to lunch the next day to work. The first and more important thing that I eat are veggies.  Spinach, kale, and salad in particular.  You can have as many green leafy vegetables as you want. So if you are feeling hungry just get something that is dark green and leafy and eat them.

For the protein, you really want to eat chicken and fish first and foremost. Sticking to these types of meats will keep you losing the most weight. Limit your meat to a serving size of 6 oz. You can have steak, BUT you really want to limit steak. As in once a week.

Steak is very hard to digest and the pounds from a steak can actually stay on you for a few days after you eat the steak which is why you want to stay away from it.   If you are a vegetarian then you can always get tofu and eggs for your protein. You can have a dressing (ranch is fine). But just make sure you do not overdo it with the ranch. The less the better.

5. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast Have An Apple A Day

For this diet, you HAVE to eat an apple a day. No exceptions. And the reason being is because apples speed up your metabolism.  The only thing that you must remember with apples is that you have to eat at least 4 hours before bed. Because they take longer to digest. If you eat it an hour or two before bed then you are literally allowing undigested food to sit on your stomach which will lead to the retention of weight and that is what you DON’T want.

6. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ Dessert

YES, you can have dessert and although the desserts I am going to mention may not sound like much I promise you that they are going to be heaven when you are craving some sweet. You can have sugar free pudding and/or mousse from the Jell-O brand AND you can have them 3 times a day!

You can also have fruit Popsicle up to three times a day. and remember they must be sugar-free. But the key to this is that it must be either-or. You can have two jellos and then a Popsicle (which equals 3). Do not have all 6 (3 jellos and 3 Popsicle a day).  Once a week you can eat three sugar-free vanilla wafers or a cup of sugar-free vanilla ice cream.

7. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ YOU MUST DRINK Water

You MUST drink water at least 64 oz a day. If you do not drink water then you will not lose weight. I found this out the hard way. As I was making more progress on my diet I was not drinking as much water as I should have. And when I went in for my weekly weigh-ins I had not lost any weight and sometimes I would gain a pound or two. So know that having the right amount of water is essential. To monitor my long term weight lost I have a scale that tells me how much water weight I am carrying.  You can click here to buy. 

How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~The Healthy Way

You can have flavored water if you get tired of drinking water but the flavored water does not count in your water intake. The flavored water must be zero calories and no sugar. For your daily water intake, the 64 oz must be pure water.

AND it must be consumed throughout the day. A mistake I made was trying to drink all my water after 3 pm once I saw it was getting late. This will also hinder your weight loss. What I found helpful, is actual water bottles that tell you how much to drink by when. That way you can make sure you are drinking a decent amount of water throughout the entire day. You can click here to see an example of a daily water bottle you should be using. 

8. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ Things you can still do.

I know that this diet can sound very limiting and you may feel like you cannot go anywhere or eat out but you can. You can Check out my blog on to eat healthy while eating out. I was on this diet for 3 months and I ate out with family and friends a lot. It makes take some advanced planning and knowing what is on the menu but I found that most people have a piece of meat and some salad. You can always ask them to modify the orders (like getting a salad over fries) in order to stick with your diet.

9. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ Things you should not do

  • Don’t over-season your food or even season it at all.  Seasoning has a lot of sodium in it. Once again during my weekly weigh-ins I had to learn the hard way that seasonings especially those with salt can make you retain a lot of water, and water retention can add up to a lot of pounds.  So you won’t see any actual results if you are just retaining water.
  • If you must use seasoning try to use something like Ms. Dash that has no sodium or a small amount (and I do mean small) as in a pinch of sea salt. Sea salt is better but it is still salt. Even though this sounds dull you will get used to it. Your taste will start to adjust and you won’t mind that there is no salt. Which will serve you well in the long run? Even years after this diet has ended for me, I still prefer little to no salt.
  • No can foods because they have a lot of sodium. No veggies from a can and no tuna from a can. I personally do not like buying fresh veggies I feel like they go bad too fast so you can buy frozen ones.  And for the tuna or chicken opt for the tuna in a pouch.
  • Limit the beef or no beef.  Even though I had a steak.  I had it once throughout the week.  Steak is something that can stick your bones for a few days and make you gain weight.

Following this diet is how I lost 6 points a week.  I have been getting all of my groceries from Amazon Fresh, which I love.  It removes a lot of temptation by not going to the grocery store. I only buy what I need online and have it delivered to my door.

10. How To Lose Weight Without Excercise Fast ~ Shopping List 

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12. How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Fast ~ Final Thoughts

I know that we all want to lose weight fast but remember this.  Weight lost can be permanant if you do it right and look at it in the right way.  A way to honor your body and your temple so that it looks healthy and happy.  Also don’t forget to check out my video down below on how to honor your temple in how you eat and act.  Also, consider checking out my spiritual fasting ebook. If you want to look into how to make fasting a spiritual experience. Just click here to buy. 


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