5 Everyday Ways To Meet New People ~ Even If You’re Shy Or An Introvert

How To Meet New People

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If you want some creative ways on how to meet new people I have some tips that are going to help you out, especially if you are an introvert. And these are relatively very easy ways to meet new people and no matter where you are or who you are, you should be able to implement these tips. For some people, it is hard to find ways to meet new people.

Some people have moved to a new area or they just want to hang out with a new set of people. Some people are just introverted and they simply do not know where to start.  I get the whole introverted thing but if you want to meet people there is going to be some element of putting yourself out there.

But don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to do something and make a fool of yourself or that will move you too far out from your comfort level. These tips that I am going to give you on ways to meet new people are introverted safe.  Trust me. Also, consider checking out my video on how to meet new people for additional tips. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

You ready let’s get into it.

1. How to meet new people ~ Try Meet Up

Meet up is pretty popular.  The good thing about Meet Up is that you can meet people based on a common interest.  You can go to a single’s meet up, a single woman’s over 30 meet up, a fashion meet up, art meetup or any meet up you want.  And it is free to sign up.  So if you want to meet people like yourself with a common interest.

Meet up is one of the best places to start. Since the meetup site is specifically for people to meet up in groups then nine times out of ten everyone in the meetup group was new at one point. So even if you are an introvert if you go to the meetup the people in the meetup are used to having new people in their group. So they are more than likely going to engage you first and will help you feel more comfortable. That way you will not feel pressured to have to make the first move in a social setting.

2. How to meet new people ~ Happy Hour (And go alone).

The key here is to go to a happy hour that is popular and go alone.  I know that this may seem like an introverts worse nightmare but you do have to hear me out.  When you go to happy hour you want to go to a popular one and you want to sit at the bar. If you are sitting at a table alone it can be awkward but the bar is for people who are there alone. So not only will you be alone at the bar but so will other people. And you will be amazed at how many people would randomly strike up a conversation with you because they are sitting at the bar alone too.

A disclaimer that I must repeat go to a happy hour that is popular. I cannot say that enough. As a true story,  I once when to a happy hour at a new place AND I was the only person in the entire place.  I did not meet new people.  Because no one was there to meet. I sat in at the bar looked around and I was the only one. IN THE ENTIRE PLACE It was a nightmare. On the other hand, if the happy hour is crowded not only will you get a chance to meet new people but you won’t stick out like a sore thumb if the place is less busy. Which can be really awkward for an introvert.

3. How to meet new people ~ Travel (alone)

One of the key themes here to meeting new people is that you must be alone because when you are alone other people are just more likely to engage you. Therefore, helping you in your goal of meeting new people. Now I know, traveling alone can be intimidating, especially for an introvert. You can start with a stay-cation to make it less overwhelming. You can click here to see my blog here to see my staycation and how easy it was to meet people.

But go and travel alone and make an effort to actually go somewhere. Don’t just sit in your room. You can go to bars, museums, or to the beach.  Just get out and about and you are bound to run into new people.  Do not go to some remote area in God knows where, where no one will be because you will meet no one that way.

And do not go to a couple’s or a romantic resort.  Everyone is already boo’d up and you are not going to meet new people that way. Instead, stick to the places that I told you and if you feel that no one is engaging you, you can also stop and ask for directions, what their favorite hot spots are and that can help you meet new people.

This should be enough to start a conversation with other people while you are traveling as opposed to just traveling aimless looking lonely wandering around on your travels not meeting anyone. Even as an introvert you may have to try to take the first step in some situations. As in, at least ask them a question, smile, and come across as someone that people want to talk to. Also, check out my video on how to put yourself in a position to be found.  You can only be found if you put yourself out there in some way shape or form.

4. How to meet new people ~ Work

The reason why work is such an ideal place to meet new people for an introvert is that you have to go to work. And the more you go to work the more you are naturally getting to know people and the more you are naturally becoming more open and comfortable with socializing with the people you work with because you see them so often.

So it really is not anything to ask if they want to go to lunch one day or grab a drink after work.  And it should be a lot easier for you to be able to do that because there is already some level of familiarity from work so you should not feel as nervous taking the lead and asking them to hang out after work or if that is something they would be interested in doing.

5. How to meet new people ~ Coffee Shops

I mean who does like a coffee shop. If all these other places intimidate you just go to a coffee shop, get your laptop, and sit there for a good amount of time because it is very likely that there are other people sitting there doing the exact same thing. If you want to meet someone new you can just lean over and ask them the wifi password or something to initiate conversation.

Either way, a coffee shop is a nonintimidating place so it should put you more at ease as an introvert and people are always coming in and out to get coffee.  Meaning that if you grab and chair, a laptop, or even a book and stay for a while you really do have the opportunity to meet a wide range of people.

These are the 5 tips that I have on how to meet new people that are specific for more introverted people.  If you know a fellow introvert that may need to read this post then go ahead and share it with them. Plus I have something for you and it is my book for single women, if you are single and ready to get out there and start living your life.  Just click here to buy.

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  1. This is a fantastic topic! I love all of your great ideas for how to meet people and make new friends. I was just having a conversation about this very subject with one of my daughters. She’s an engineer working alongside an older age group (55+) and has been finding it hard to find quality people in her age group to become friends with. It also doesn’t help that she commutes 2.5 hours to work each way, which leaves less time for a social life. I’m going to pass along your suggestion about Meet Up. 🙂

  2. I love this list! Is there anything you’d add for older single women? (I read this on behalf of my mama in her late 50s). Just curious! Thanks for the info!
    Tiffany (PrettyRealBlog.com).

    • Yes. I think at meet up would be good for her. They have groups that are geared toward 50 and up women. I think it is one of the best ways to meet new people.

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