6 Brutally Honest Signs He Doesn’t Want You & Here’s Why

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Have you ever wondered what are the top signs he doesn’t want you? Perhaps it not that he doesn’t want a relationship but he just does not want a relationship with you.

Signs He Doesn’t Want You ~ Pop quiz:

  • Have you ever felt like you were getting into relationships that were destined to fail?
  • Have you ever felt like you kept loving people who did not love you back?
  • Have you never felt that no matter what you did you could not get a man to like you back?
  • Does a man always have sex with you but never wants an actual relationship with you? 
    Do you find yourself just being a booty call and that is it? 
  • Does a man want to see and sex you on his terms but not be in an actual relationship with you? 

If any of these situations sound like you then you have come to the right place because I am going to name some very common situations as to why men are getting turned off by you and do not want to pursue a relationship with you. And it probably is something that you’re doing. At the end of the day, you cannot control the man and if a man wants to be with you. What you can control is yourself and to become a high-value woman that every man wants to be with and to stop this desperate behavior that drives men away.

1.  Signs He Doesn’t You ~ Because It’s You

If you have that “why do guys never want a relationship with me” conversation with yourself time and time again, then the common denominator is you.  Think about it. If the person you are with is changing but each man never wants to be in a relationship with you then it must be something that you are doing and the type of men you are attracting.

As a woman, you can control what you accept in a relationship (see my blog here).  I actually did a video below where a woman was in a situation where no man wanted a relationship with her.  And it is because she did not have her life together.  The issue was her, which you can watch that video below, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

You can also pay attention to the red flags that a man is nothing but a dog and is never going to settle down with you. You can also control spotting BS from a mile away by asking the right questions (click my blog here) to determine if a man is worth your time on not. When you as a woman cannot screen men properly and get involved with men any way despite the red flags that you see then you don’t need to wonder why he does not want a relationship with you. He is a dog and is probably not going to want a relationship with anyone.

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2. Signs He Doesn’t Want You ~ Because Of Your Insecurities

One of the second signs he doesn’t want you is that you are insecure. Many people feel that they have bad luck in love. But oftentimes the people that we fall in love with are a reflection of ourselves and our own insecurities.  For example, if you are finding a man out of desperation,  that desperation will show.  It would be like you have an X on your forehead asking for doggish men to come to seek you out.  Because you are desperate to find a man, you will act desperate, you dress desperate, and you give off the desperation vibe.

And if that is what you are giving off then that is how men will treat you.  To be a high-value woman then you need to have confidence.  Once you believe that you are the best thing since sliced bread then men will believe it too and they will change the way they treat you.

But if you are insecure, the man will pick up on this. They are not going to want to get into a relationship with you because he feels like you have issues, that you are too insecure, and that your whole entire depending on him. And no one wants a super clingy and insecure woman that is not attractive. And it is going to keep him from entering a relationship with you. If that is you then see my video below to help you out.

3. Signs He Doesn’t Want You ~ How You Present Yourself

I do not think that you should dress like a nun, but I also do not think that you should allow it to all hang out.  You may be the nicest woman in the world but you are dressed like a prostitute, then that is how a man will see you and that is how a man will treat you. It is very hard to convince a man to treat you like his future wife if he just sees you are a hooker. Instead of me just listing the signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you I want to help you out with this one.  And it is my free ebook that teaches you how to create a year-long affordable capsule wardrobe that is fashionable but also appropriate.  Click here to download.

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4. Signs He Doesn’t Want You ~ You Lack Substance

Another one of the signs he doesn’t want you is that he doesn’t actually want to talk to you. A man may be attracted to your outside, but you may lack substance on the inside.  I think that it is great to be pretty and look great on the outside but trust that they will only take you so far.  A man may love to look at you but that is not going to carry a relationship if you have nothing to offer.

One main flaw that women do is that they only talk about sex thinking that this is what turns a man on. Yes, the sex part does turn a man on but you talking to a man about sex is not the foundation of a relationship. And you cannot trick a man into thinking that all of your sex talks mean that you should be his girlfriend.

If you cannot carry a conversation, your life is a hot mess, you have no goals, aspirations, or dreams for yourself then that is going to turn a man off.  Relationships are about growing and building with one another, a man cannot do that with you if you lack substance.  You should consider checking out my video about how to attract a man based on the art of seduction.

5. Signs He Doesn’t Want You ~ Because you Give it up way too soon

Another one of the signs he doesn’t want you is that maybe he did but now he doesn’t because you gave it up too soon. Men judge women on how fast they give it up. They may lie to you and tell you that they are not judging you, but deep down they are judging you.

So having sex with a man before you really know him, his intentions, or before you are in any kind of real meaningful relationship with him is just wrong.  And it will push most men away. (Check out my blog here for more on hooking up too soon). He will not see you as a woman of value because you were simply too easy and it will cause him to lose interest. Allow a man to get to know you first and fall in love with what you have to offer outside of sex.

“If you just reel a man in with sex then that is all you be worth to him, just sex.”

And he can’t start a relationship with sex.

6.  Signs He Doesn’t Want You Is Because You Don’t Know How To Act

The last of the signs he doesn’t want you is that you don’t know how to act. No one wants to have a woman that is full of drama all of the time. Or does not know how to act in public or in front of his family. No man wants a woman that is going to talk to him and people in any kind of way. No man is going to want a woman who has a psychotic breakdown every other day and/or does not know how to talk to people.  Many women have issues, no one is perfect (click here to read my blog on everyone has baggage).

But if you are just a psycho hot mess then that is the same type of mentality you will bring into your relationships. Making your relationship a hot mess. Relationships are supposed to be fulfilling and not a bunch of drama. And a man is not going to want to be in a relationship with you if you are a bunch of drama, do not know how to act, and if you have no home training. I have an entire video on how to be on your grown woman status which you can watch below.

So here were the top signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you. I know that some of this is really hard to hear because as women we never want to believe that we are the reason why men do not want to be in a relationship with us. Sometimes you aren’t and sometimes you are.

Especially if the same thing keeps happening again and again. Reflect on the vibe you are putting out and fix your dysfunctional relationship patterns.  That way you can stop finding yourself with men who just want to use and abuse your mind, emotions, and body. And find men that actually want to build and be with you.

If you know a woman that is having trouble in her relationships then go ahead and share this post with her.

Last, but not least I want to close this post with an excerpt from my book for single women (which you can buy here). 

The reason why a man does not want to get with you is because it’s you. The reason you have no friends is because it’s you. The reason why no one wants to be in a relationship with you because it's you. You need to own whatever part you play in your behavior and stop blaming other people for the reason you are (fill in the blank). Reflect on yourself and determine how you are playing a part in the downhill spiral of your life and your relationships.

Click here to get my book for single women. 

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