How To NOT Be 1 Of 2 Women Fighting Over A Man

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Two women fighting over a man is crazy. Competing with another woman for a man has become our new normal.  So normal that we do not realize how ABNORMAL it is. The reality is that when women are fighting over a man, they are fighting each other instead of fighting the man that is cheating on them both.

Your only job as a single woman is to make him chase you (see my blog her). Men are like hunters.  They want to feel like they have won something that not every man can get.  But when you chase him, find him with another woman and then beat the other woman down for taking your man. Imagine how bad that makes YOU look.

The only thing this is saying to the man is that you do not have any other choices, therefore you are not that great, AND he can do whatever he wants to you because you are willing to give the other woman a beat down over him. You are literally giving the man ALL the control.

It is better to be single and happy (read my blog here) than it is to be a single, lonely, bitter woman hashing it out with another woman over a no-good man. Being in this type of situation only undermines and devalues your own self-worth.  I believe that we are all daughters of the King making you’re a princess (see my blog here).

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So why are you going to be one of two women fighting over a man? Competing with another woman for a man bringing yourself to the level of a peasant acting like you have to fight another woman over another man and that you are not worthy of your own man?

I mean really what queen steps down off her throne to fight another woman all to prove herself worthy of some guy.  Normally it is the man that is dying to be with the queen not out here misusing and abusing her.

I want to take the following Bible verse and talk to you about something.

In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, ˜We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace! Isaiah 4:1

I can recall reading this Bible verse over the years, thinking that this type of behavior will never happen. What type of woman is willing to share her man all for the sake of not being disrespected and disgraced? But come to find out there are A LOT of women out here fighting over a man.

1. Why Would Be 1 of 2 Women Fighting Over A Man Anyway

The main reason why women fighting over a man has become “normal” is that they do not want to be lonely.  Or they are so desperate to get married that they just sink their hooks into any man, even if he is a bad man, and even if she is sharing him with another woman.  The woman would rather be competing with another woman for a man than let go of the man. To a lot of women, a man that they have to share is better than no man at all.

Also, check out my video below where I specifically talk about why you should not be competing with another woman for a man.

2. How Did Women Fighting Over A Man Become Our New Normal

Women fighting over a man has become normal, because it becomes so easy for men to do to their absolute minimal effort and a woman (and apparently more) will just fall all over themselves to be with them. In essence, women have allowed men to do way too little and now they have the upper hand to have her, her, and her over there. All the women know about each other and want to fight each other while still trying to be the man’s “ride or die.” Stop playing.

  • How many times have women settled for a situation that involves casually having sex over a real relationship (see my blog here). 

The man does not have to do anything significant except for having sex with women from time to time and women somehow feel this is sufficient. Over time the man has given the bare minimum that he has to give and unlike back in the day NOW the woman no longer requires marriage in order for a man to have sex with her.

women fighting over a man

As a result, the marriages declined, women became more desperate, and the dating world turned into a man’s having his cake and eating it too. With multiple women.  Men are taking advantage of the fact that women do not want to be alone, they do not want to be single, and they do not want to be without a man.

The end result is instead of men doing the chasing, women now chase, and now women are doing everything and the man is doing nothing.  There are A LOT of men who do not desire to be married, they are perfectly happy having and sleeping with more than one woman. And what makes him even happier is the women competing with another woman for a man
instead of blaming him, and he is the only one that is really wrong in this situation.

It is crazy how we accept things in this world as being normal.  We watch reality shows, television shows, and even people we know.  We see women fighting each other over a man.  Each of them knows about one another and trying to give the man more and more of themselves just so that he can choose her to be his girlfriend and one day maybe is his wife.

3. If You Are One Of These Women Fighting Over A Man ~ Here’s How To Fix It

The only person that you can control is you. So if you are a woman in this situation then just STOP. Do not pass go and do not collect $200. You cannot MAKE another woman stop messing with the man you are competing with her for. You cannot make the MAN be a man and be faithful to you if he does not want to.

The only thing you can do is MAKE yourself walk away and stop being in a situation that is very foolish.   Examine what is going on in your head as to why you think you do not need a man of your own or that you cannot get a man of your own. Figure out why you are competing with another woman for a man.

If you are lonely or are afraid you will not get married, I cannot predict the future, but what I can predict is that the longer you stay in a bad situation the longer you are not allowing Mr. Right to come in because you are staying with Mr. Wrong.

So no more competing with another woman for a man. Please do not allow a no-good man and another woman to step all over you.  Do not try to hang on to a man that is not worth hanging on to.  You can do bad all by yourself, you don’t need him.

If you know a woman that is in this situation or a fellow female that may need to read this post. Don’t be selfish and share this information with her.

Plus, I know something better than you can do instead of fighting over a man. It is called “getting your own life and getting a better man” and I can tell you exactly how to do this in my book for single women which you can click here to buy and if you are not sure then you can click here to get the first few chapters for free.

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