How To Look More Feminine & Spice Up Your Look On A Budget

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Are you one of those people who are looking for ways to change your look in the easiest most cost-effective way possible? Especially if you are looking for ways on how to look more feminine.

If that is the case then I am the girl to listen to. Because on any given day, I can look like a different person. From the changes in hair, makeup, fashion, and style I promise I will give you so many affordable tips to change up your look that will always teach you how to look more feminine without spending a lot of money.

Without wasting any more time, why don’t we go ahead and get into it shall we?

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1. How To Look More Feminine & Spice Up Your Look ~ Do Something Different To Your Hair

If you are a reader of my blog then you know I love to change my hair like I change my shoes. I think choosing the right type of hairstyle can really teach you how to be more feminine. And you don’t have to even spend money on the salon.

Gone are the days that you actually have to dye your own hair.  You can just buy hair and attach it to your head to diversify your look. If you cannot tell, I am a huge fan of fake hair.

The reason being is because you can try new colors, styles, lengths, textures, and you do not have to do anything different to your own hair and damage it by over-styling.  Wearing wigs and weaves are an amazing protective style and it gives you the freedom to change your hair as much as you want. And still, look feminine.

Affordable Ways To Change Up Your Look & how to Look More Feminine
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2. How To Look More Feminine Make It Ombre 

I love ombre hair.  If you do not know what ombre hair is, it is basically hair that starts one color and then fades into a lighter color.  Let me tell you how ombre hair can work for you as a black woman.

If you get ombre hair with dark roots, then the hair is much more likely to look realistic on you and blend in with your natural hair. And because the hair gets lighter toward the end or changes colors, it can change up your look dramatically.


You can do an ombre style with braids, like my video above, or even use ombre clip-ins.  If you are interested in dying your own hair ombre then check out this amazing video from Chic is Natural and she will give you some amazing tips.

3. How To Look More Feminine & Spice Up Your Look ~ Apply Clip-ins

An extremely easy way to put in fake hair and is to buy clip-ins.  Clip in’s can also make your look appear more natural since it is blending in with your natural hair.  

To learn how to apply the clip-ins watch my video below.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here.

4. How to Look More Feminine ~ With Wigs

Wigs are in.  They are a quick and easy way to do your hair and you can make your own wig (see my blog here) and (here) it is really simple.  Nowadays wigs are so advanced that it looks like the wig hair is your own hair. You can also check out my how-to make your wig look more natural post here in case you are just lost and don’t know how to start.

Affordable Ways To Change Up Your Look & how to Look More Feminine

5. Hairstyles to change your look ~ With Colored Hair

If you were to ask many people they will say that the last thing you want to do when learning how to look more feminine would be to use colored hair.  But I think that you can look feminine with colored hair depending on how to style it. See my hair tutorial below (and subscribe to my channel by clicking here) to see how colored hair can really spice up your look.

6. How to Look More Feminine ~ Make Your Hair Short

The wonderful thing about wigs is that you do not have to cut your hair. You can wear your wig long, short, medium, or whatever. If you have long hair, then try a short wig. If you have short hair then try longer wigs. It is a great way to switch up your look by changing up the length of your hair.  Check out an example of really short wigs that I tried and how much it changed my look. Click here to see the full review of the wig. 

Affordable Ways To Change Up Your Look & how to Look More Feminine

Making your hair shorter can be done in many ways, not just with wigs.  You can check out my video below on how I did a Bob with crochet hair.

Now that you have learned how to look more feminine by changing up your hair.  Let’s get into the makeup shall we? 

7. Ways To Change Your Look & How To Look More Feminine Your Make-Up.

There are tons and tons of videos on YouTube of makeup tutorials.  If you are lost in the sauce about makeup then I suggest watching YouTube videos because it will give you a great starting point.  Granted some of the makeup videos are crazy advanced and are in warp speed.

But search tutorials for beginners and it will give you a good idea of where to start. I personally think feminine makeup should be more natural and do not feel the need to contour and re-shape my whole face.  But to each its own. You can see my soft glam tutorial using all drug store brands.  So you can create a great feminine look with affordable makeup.

8. How to Look More Feminine ~ Makeup Tips

  • First, lipstick. Wearing different colored lipstick can change up your look dramatically. It is best just to get a full kit with many colors in it and that is it. Some of my recommendations are below but I also recommend the NYX vault lip color. Click here to buy. 

Most of these shades are great for black women and they will give you a natural glam type of look, which is a must if you want to know how to look feminine with your makeup.

  • Second eye shadow palettes. Just having one or two really good palettes with a lot of variety will take you a long way.  Meaning that you can get one eye shadow palette that can create a day or nighttime look. Meaning that you can change up your look fairly easily. 

To see what I mean see my full review on the NYX City Sets which gives you a complete look in each palette. And you can check out some of my recommendations below that show up well on black women and will give you a more sophisticated look.

  • Third, eyeliner.  If you look at my pictures above you will notice a constant and that is my eyeliner. Sometimes it is thick and sometimes it is thin. But depending on how it looks, if it is thick, thin, or winged it can give you a whole new look. Having the right eyeliner to shape the eye can really help if you are learning how to look feminine.  Think Cleopatra.

Affordable Ways To Change Up Your Look & how to Look More Feminine

  • Fourth, eyelashes and eyebrows. So I actually have an entire post on how to do your eyebrows which you can click here to read. Having wonderful eyebrows can completely change the shape of your face and it is the same for eyelashes. As I said, I have a post on eyebrows. But if you want to know how to apply eyelashes and then watch the video below. Notice how much of a difference they make in your look and how they can help you look more feminine.

Now that you have read the tips on how to look more feminine with your makeup let’s get into how to look more feminine with your fashion.

9. How To Look More Feminine ~ Ways To Change Your Look For Fashion

So depending on what day you look at me, I can look different. The way I look for work is not the same way that I look casual or when I am trying to pull off my chic look.

You can watch my video below to see what I mean and how you can look feminine no matter if you are casual or more dressed up.  All of the pieces are from my affordable capsule wardrobe ebook that you can click here to get for FREE.  That will teach you how to create more feminine fashion looks that are still affordable.

I just want to show you some different outfits that I wear to give you an idea of how much changing your fashion can change up your look. Also check out my post on Stitch Fix, and how it can help you develop your own personal style or help you try something new.

If you want styles that will teach you how to look more feminine then you can enter them into your style profile and they will send you feminine outfit choices.

All of the outfits below help me look feminine and I got them from Stitch Fix.  If you want to get $25 off your first Stitch Fix box click my referral link here.  You can also set your budget through Stitch Fix so you only spend what you are comfortable with on clothes.

If you are at a loss on what to wear to start then go to Pinterest.  You can view my fashion Pinterest board here. But what I recommend you do is to create your own Pinterest board and pin all the different feminine fashion inspirations then find your own ways to imitate what you find on Pinterest.

10. More Budget-Friendly Options For How To Look Feminine With Fashion

I personally LOVE the thrift store. Because it gives you the chance to create your own fashion as opposed to going to a department store, buying stuff off the rack, which is the same stuff that everyone else is buying. Plus going to the thrift store will save you money and you can find a lot of high-quality brands there. You can check out some of my blogs below on how to shop from the thrift store which includes:

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So these are basically all of my tips for ways to change up your look in the most budget-friendly and cost-effective way possible that are specific to feminine black women.

For all of my fashion and beauty oriented fashionistas then I have something free that you are going to FREAKIN LOVE. YES, LOVE it. It is my 100% free ebook, the Sophie-sticated Mom Stylish, Chic, & Modern Christian Women’s Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe Plan.

That’s right your forever wardrobe. No more being the frumpy, bumpy, boring modest wardrobe, just because you are a Christian. Be Godly, frugal, relatively modest, chic, stylish, on a budget, and look good doing it. Outfits for all seasons (spring, winter, fall, and summer) and most occasions work, casual, dates, gym, chilling, or whatever and you will still be fashionable. Just click here or the picture below.



  1. I love the fun things us gals can do to switch up our looks. I love totally revamping my style with lashes and extensions!

  2. Thank you for the push! I’ve been thinking of trying a new hairstyle at the office, and this might give me enough motivation to try it out. 🙂

  3. Oooo i’m tempted by those ombre extensions! My hair gets so damaged when I lighten it. This would be the perfect solution!

  4. I hope you ar enjoying the challenge. My sister has gotten into wear makeup, none of us really have but she seems to really have this confidence when she puts in the time to do these little things. 🙂

  5. It’s great to revitalize your look! I think your suggestions are spot on. An improved look is an improved outlook 🙂

  6. I’ve always stayed away from fake eyelashes because they seem so well, fake looking. I’m going to try the natural looking ones though!

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