Why Wifey Means You’re Just A Glorified Girlfriend ~ 4 Brutally Honest Reasons

Don 't Be a Wife to a Boyfriend

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Have you ever wondered what wifey means and the difference between a wife and a wifey? When a man or even you refer to yourself as a wifey it sounds all official, doesn’t it? But the wifey meaning in itself does not mean that you are the wife. And let me explain why.

1. What Wifey Means? 

  • What wifey means: A plain definition of a wifey is a woman that is in a serious relationship with a man.  She is more so of an elevated girlfriend but not really an actual wife.

Typically, the relationship is so serious that the man considers her to be wife material, but she is called his wifey because they are not married but due to the title the name gives the appearance of marriage.  A wifey is a woman who does not understand that you don’t play wife to a boyfriend.  Instead, she feels that if she gives the appearance of a wife then she is really one. 

On the outside, they appear to be married.  They may live together, have children together, some people go so far as to actually wear rings but they are not legally married.  (Also, Check out my blog on why you should not get boyfriend-husband privileges). Also, just to be clear, some actual married people do refer to themselves as these nicknames. I am not talking about them. I am talking about the couples who want to put on a facade on social media by pretending to married by coming up with these fancy nicknames all to cover up the fact that they are just boyfriend and girlfriend.

2.  What Wifey Means & Why Does It Even Matter?

I can get a pigeon cook it, serve it to you, and call it a chicken. Just because I am calling it by something else and it kind of sort of looks like a chicken does NOT make it so. It is still a pigeon. Meaning that a girlfriend can call herself whatever she wants but only that piece of paper (AKA a marriage certificate) makes her a wife. 

Never fall into the “As long as a man treats you good, what difference does a title make?” Or “The title wifey, has a wife prefix in it” so it is kind of like a wife right category. Don’t play wife to a boyfriend when you are not getting the full benefits of being a wife.  I talk about in my video below that you should watch and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here

It is cute to call each other husband and wifey in public and on social media. But think of this.  God forbid if something happens then what? If he dies are you entitled to his to anything as a wifey? Are you going to show up to the hospital and try to make decisions as a wifey? Be put on his health insurance as a wifey, have access to all of his bank accounts and assets in case something happens to him as a wifey? Probably not. So you see, I do not care how close the name is, a wifey is really not a wife.

You can call yourself a wifey and he can call you a wifey but on any given day he can just up and leave you and it would not be hard at all.  He would not have to get a divorce, no entitlements to alimony, he can kick you out of the house you share together and only his name is on and there is nothing you can do about it.

Does it really sound the same? So I ask you, do you want to be a girlfriend or a wife.  Do you want the automatic benefits of a wife or do you want to try to fight for the same benefits as a girlfriend? Never settle into the role of a wifey thinking that it is the same thing as a wife and never let a man trick you into thinking that the title of a wife does not matter because it does.

A wife means that you are legally bonded to your husband as a wifey and you are just a glorified girlfriend portraying a wife in name only with no real clout behind the title. 

3. What Wifey Means As far as Commitment?

Even though your man may be committed to you, on any given day he could really get up and leave without any real repercussions.  As a wife, you have a contract, also known as a marriage certificate that is a legally binding document that tells the world and whatever country you live in; that you are committed to this person.  And if one person decides they want to leave, then they must go through a legal process to get a divorce.

When people get married there is typically a wedding or they go to the Justice of the Peace. Even if you elope there is some witness that needs to be present that you acknowledge your love in front of.  Vows may vary  but they typically say:


I take you to be my wife, for sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer ˜til death do us part

For many people when this process happens the couple is surrounded by family, friends, and the people they love the most. They are acknowledging each other in public letting the world know that what they have is permanent and not just a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

Even if you plan to go to Vegas and get married in front of Elvis.  I can promise you that even with an Elvis wedding a witness will have to be present, to verify and confirm that you two have acknowledged your love to one another; and you are now joined as one. With the wifey, she has no such benefits.

What Wifey Means as far as Benefits?

You do not want to play wife without getting the benefits of being the wife. And this is actually one of the main reasons that you don’t play wife to a boyfriend.  Because you will be cheating yourself. As a wife you are eligible to be put on your husband’s health insurance, be the beneficiary to his life insurance policy at work, if he dies you have a right to your lives together, and you get to collect his social security as well. 

As a wifey, you get none of that.  If a husband gets hit by a car, a wife makes all the important decisions regarding his medical care.  A wifey will have to fight his next of kin which may be his mamma because she has no legal right to do anything. You can also check out my blog on the other benefits of marriage.

If you really want to understand what does wifey means, then know this.  Just because you say it does not make it true.  And never allow a man to convince you that a wife and a wifey are the same things.  Do not let a man convince you that he calls you his wifey and therefore he does not really need to marry you. 

He does. Or at least you should want him to.  Given all the above information I just presented to you.  Really think about what you want.  Do you want to be a wife or a wifey? And if you want to be a wife then don’t play wife to a boyfriend because he has no incentive to make you his wife, which I talk about in my video below.  When a man loves you but won’t marry you. 

If you are in a serious relationship and you are a wifey, then you need to start making plans to be a wife. Do not believe the hype in thinking that the title of wifey is good enough.  I have seen the wifey put her ring on her finger and call her man her husband. 

I have seen women do this for years. But they are NOT married.  But unless it is written down and on records with the court, you are not a wife.  You are a girlfriend.  You are easily replaceable.  If a man loves you that much and wants to play make-believe and pretend that you are his wife, then he can put action behind his words and make you his wife. 

That is what real men do.  Not try to be fancy with their words and trick you into believing something that is a lie.  Unless you are legally married, then you are really not married. And that gives a full and complete answer to  “what does wifey mean” as well as what a wifey gets as compared to a wife.

If you know a woman that has settled for being a glorified girlfriend over being a wife then go ahead and share this post with her.

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  1. My husband cheated. We separated immediately. He moved in with mistress. He left me with all of the bills from our marriage and businesses that we shared. She is now pregnant. She is also friends with his young son (previous relationship) and some family members as well.

    I have read your articles and I thought all of these things but the truth of the matter, my husband actually left me for his mistress and her children. Within one day, he was gone and never to be heard from or seen again 6/23/19).

    How is he able to leave one home to take care of another woman and her children, and refuses to get a divorce, or even start the process? It just makes no sense that he would do all of this and not want to at least initiate the divorce proceedings to be with his mistress, their new baby and new family?

    • I think that people seem to think just because one person “leaves” that this must mean love and happiness and happily ever after. When really it doesn’t. Not because I say, but statistics say. If someone has issues, is a cheater, AND a relationship is built off of cheating and distrust, typically that relationship is going to have some issues and end. And it if it doesn’t the way it started causes each person to wonder “I meat them cheating maybe they are going to cheat on me.” I think we have to realize what love is, love does not mean lust, or that sex or some infatuation binds you to a person. Love is sticking through thick and thin and denying momentary satisfaction to stay with the person you made a commitment to. Meaning that if he did it to you, he lacks the self-control to just deny momentary satisfaction and it is highly likely he may cheat on her. And really, he is not a man. Real men do not do that. Heal, and move on to a man that won’t do that to you. As jacked up as this may sound I hope you take it as encouragement, you would rather see who he is now, then wastes more time and see who is years and years down the road. I have had boyfriends, leave me for the person they cheated on, get married to that person, and STILL come back to me afterward while still being married. That behavior is in them. I think men like him have a character flaw and that is now her problem.

  2. From what i see you think that being a wife automatically entitles you, which may not be the case.
    1. “If he dies are you entitled to his to anything as a wifey”. You do realize that he can make a will in which you do not receive a single dime? Do you know that prenups exists? Don’t you realize that in some cases being a wife does not benefit you in any shape or form? Marriage was made to protect children;
    2.”You are easily replaceable.” A wife is replaceable too. That’s why divorce has been invented. And if your husband has a full on prenup contract, you might end getting nothing as a wife too.
    Wifes are not entitled to anything. You must fight every day of your life to prove that you deserve to be his wife, and he your husband. Marriage should not be just for forcing a man into something. If you meet a man who wants to marry you, but there will be no asset sharing, are you still willing to marry him?
    Don’t take this as hate speech, i am just trying to start a constructive debate.
    Take care.

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