4 Ways God Forces You To Take A Leap Of Faith

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When God wants you to take a leap of faith He does want you to take a leap by yourself but when you won’t He will push you. Before we get into what in the world I am even talking about I want to first define the word faith, that way you can see that no matter if you take a leap of faith or you are forced to take a leap of faith, there always has to be an element of trust involved.

I want you to remember this Bible verse when it comes to how to take a leap of faith:

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Faith is believing that something will come to pass even though you don’t see it but you STILL have the unwavering belief that something WILL happen regardless of what you see, even if it looks like it won’t. I also want to be clear that you can have faith but still be scared to take a leap of faith.

You could want to start a business and know it is going to happen but you can still be afraid to leave the comforts of your 9-5 job and getting a regular paycheck. But one thing that I learned about taking a leap is that when you want something or when God really wants you to be in position for something He is going to either let you take the leap on your own or He is going to push you. When God wants you to be a certain place He does not care how you get there all He cares about is that you get there.  Because the fact of the matter is that

“Sometimes we are so afraid to take a leap of faith, that God has to push us off the cliff for our own good because we refuse to move. “

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1. Take a leap of faith what does that mean really when YOU choose to Jump

When you decide take a leap of faith it looks something like this: You imagine yourself on a cliff and you decide to jump off. Even though it seems dangerous and you may feel like you may die BUT you trust the fact that either a parachute will open or that there will be something at the bottom that will catch your fall.  I know I am speaking in metaphors and you may be wondering what in the world I am talking about, so I will try to put it to you in terms you may be able to understand.

2. Take a leap of faith ~ Case in point of the jump

Imagine a woman who is sick of working a 9-5 job. She has a wonderful business idea.  She does not know for sure if it will work out, but she prays about it, gets confirmation from God, and she quits her job to start her business (also check out my blog on quitting a job you hate).  The act of quitting her job is a jump.  It is something that she is doing off of faith and she is trusting that God will carry her or break her fall. And she is choosing to jump off the cliff on her own versus being pushed off the cliff by God which I will get into later.

Even though she may be scared and she may even struggle she KNOWS that something will come out to break her fall, she knows that there is something at the bottom of that cliff and she is not going to die. She may come out unscathed, she may come out a little bruised, or she may just grow some wings and fly. Who knows, but she knows that something will happen when she jumps off and that something will save her life.

And because she does, instead of being stuck in a 9-5 she hated she is now a successful business woman doing something she loves.  But that never would have been possible if she did not take the leap. If she just would have just sat there looking crazy wanting to start a business and not acting on it. Then she either would have been pushed or gotten no where. Don’t forget to check out my video choosing faith over fear. And on that note.

3.  Take a Leap of Faith And when you are pushed.

Now the second option is the push. I have experienced the push.  It is when you know for a fact, you have faith that you need to go off the cliff, but for whatever reason you are paralyzed and you just CAN’T SEEM TO DO IT. You know that it will be better when you move on but you are still afraid to do so and that is when God literally has to push you off the cliff in order to get you to move from where you are to where you need to be.

To give you an example,  imagine there is a huge fire behind you and you know that you need to jump.  But you do not jump because you are afraid of what is at the bottom of the cliff and you are afraid that you may die. But at the same time you know that if you stay on the cliff the flames will consume you! But you choose to stay on the cliff, that is until the fire burns down a tree, the tree hits you and pushes you off the cliff.

You know you needed to jump off the cliff but you couldn’t and so something makes the decision for you. Yes, you are terrified as you fall and may even hit a few trees down and break something. But at the bottom of your fall is a pond and you hit the water, safely. And really you knew that it was a better decision to jump than it was to stay on that  burning cliff but for whatever reason you just could not do it.

4.  Take a Leap Of Faith ~ Case in point of the push

Let’s break this down and take the same woman tired of working a 9-5 job.  She has a wonderful business idea and knows God wants her to step out on faith but she does not want to give up her steady paycheck.  So she stays in a work environment that she is unhappy in. This situation is like the fire mentioned above. She knows she should leave but she won’t. And then one day she is called into the office and she is laid off.  And this is the push.  She ended up leaving her job anyway by force.

And guess what, this woman was me.  I was making very GOOD money at my job but I hated it. I was miserable and I knew God was telling me to leave. But I wouldn’t. The money was too addictive and then the decision was made for me. Years later here is this blog and my wonderful books and products (click here) have came to fruition.  I was afraid to jump and so I was pushed. I hurt myself on my way down and it was NOT easy (click here) but I did make it.

Being pushed can come in different forms. You know that God wants you to move on but you can’t because it is scary.  And so God has to push you because if He leaves you where you are then you will be stuck.  So the only way to get you unstuck is to push you off that cliff we were talking about.

Here is what I have come to understand about both jumping and being pushed. God is going to have His way and if He is preparing you for something or wants you to do something, then He is going to make it happen.  No matter if you jump or if you are pushed you will more than likely go through some hard times, wonder why God is punishing you, or feel that you have jumped or were pushed by mistake.

But always remember the reason why God pushes us to go forward is for us.  He may be pushing you and it may hurt but he will protect you and He will see you through to the other side (also check out my blog on why God allows hard times). Also check out my video where I talk more about this topic.

But if you don’t jump or you resist being pushed, then it will only hurt you. You will get consumed by the fire we talked about and you will die. Not literally of course. But your dream may die, that business idea may die, that future that God has for you may DIE! You will be stuck all because you are paralyzed in fear.  My overall point is that there were times in which I jumped and there were times I was pushed, neither of them were easy but both of them are necessary. So take a leap of faith. You never know what may break your fall.

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Steve Harvey has just written a book about this concept you can check it out (contains affiliate links)Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance 

To Take a Leap of Faith You Can Jump Or Be Pushed


  1. Love this!! I listen to the Steve Harvey radio show every morning and love him. I also just bought my hubby his book Jump and plan on reading later this month my self.
    I loved when you said,” But always remember the reason why God pushes us to go forward is for us. Not for Him.” This is so true! If we would just put our faith in Him and trust that He knows and sees things we can’t, then the push and the jump would not be so scary.

  2. I love Steve Harvey! He has great wisdom! I am a jumper, and I’m blessed I did it. Obedience is always worth the sacrifice and God has stretched me in ways I have never known and grown me in ways I didn’t know were possible. I don’t care who you are if you never put your faith in action you will never build the muscle of trust! I loved this post! Blessings to you!

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