Is It Time To Quit Your Job? 7 Obvious Signs That It Is

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A job is a blessing but it does not mean that you have to stay at a job forever, especially when it is not right for you. Knowing when to quit your job is important because staying at a job too long that you are not supposed to be at can leave you stagnant, stressed out, and stifle you career wise. Are you wondering if it is time to quit your job?

Are you sitting at your job, wondering if you should be there or if it is time to move on? Before you go crazy at the work place, sometimes quitting your job may be the easy answer but not the right answer.  And no matter what your job situation is (stress, underpaid, or you feel like it is just time to move on) you still want to make the BEST decision for you. Also, check out my blog  “6 things to consider before quitting a job you hate.”

So to keep you from being impulsive and making a decision you may regret OR to just help you make a decision all together I am going to tell you how to start knowing when to quit your job. Watch my video below to see what I went through when it was time to quit my job. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

1. Its Time To Quit Your Job When Your Job Becomes Unbearable.

If a job has become so unbearable that you just cannot stand being there, you cannot stand the people, you are always stress, irritable, or want to call in all the time because that is how much you DREAD coming into the workplace. This is a clear indication that you need to move on.  Jobs are not perfect and they can be stressful BUT when they are so stressful that it becomes unbearable then it is better to move on then it is to just sit a job that you can stand to be in.

2. It’s Time To Quit Your Job ~ Case in point: Me

This job that I worked at had literally become unbearable.  Every time I would come in I had a headache, chest pains, and every morning I woke up I  literally had to give myself a pep talk to come into work.  All of those physical signs that I was feeling were signs of stress and it was my bodies way of saying that it could not be in that environment anymore.  So if you are coming into a workplace where you are mentally drained, emotionally drained, and especially if you are feeling signs of physical stress then that may be one of the signs its time to quit your job.

Sometimes a job will become hard to keep us from becoming complacent. In times like this a job becoming hard is a good thing because it allows us to grow and learn new skills to get a promotion (click my blog here) or take the skills with us for a better job. But if going to your job every day makes you sink down into a clinical depression, drink, or use drugs. Then you need to move on.  No job is worth feeling suicidal and unhappy all of the time over.

3. It’s Time To Quit Your Job Because You Lost The Passion

This was the case for me and individual counseling when I used to work with the “at risk population.” Don’t get me wrong I LOVE helping people, but one day I was not passionate about it.  I was just going through the motions and instead of helping people I was becoming irritated by the job and I was not doing the job to the best of my ability.

I really did not care. Now granted you may not feel passion about ALL aspects of your job. But it should spark some type of passion in you, you should enjoy the aspects of what you do and if you don’t then why are you there?  And if you were never passionate about a job that you are working out then it is time that you go back to school or seek out the skills so that you can get a job that you are passionate about. Life is way to short to waste away in a job that you really don’t care about.

3. It’s Time To Quit Your Job Because You Cannot grow

I have been in several positions were there is no promotion opportunities or even learning opportunities. In whatever position you are in you should always be seeking to grow. You should always want to learn more, get promoted, move into another position, get more training, more experience, more money, MORE SOMETHING.

If the job that you are in is not offering any opportunity to make you better then you are just wasting your time in a dead in job and that is not what you want. If you love what you do you can always go to a similar company and apply for a lead or supervisory role.

There is no need to stay in a dead in job just because you like what you do BUT there is no chance for growth. You can always do what you love somewhere else AND get more opportunities and even money somewhere else. Don’t feel pressured to stay in one spot.  You can also check out my video below for tips on how to get a better job.

4. Is It Time To Quit Your Job ~ Case in point: Me Again

I once had a job working with the military population that did not pay me no where near enough money. I did like what I learned and working with the military population but I did not like the fact that I was underpaid despite my several degrees. And so I found another similar job working with the military population making $20k more a year.  You don’t have to stop what you love if you really love it, just do what you love somewhere else and get more money while you do it.

5. It’s Time To Quit Your Job because The people are crazy

You can read my blog here on crazy bosses. I have worked in a toxic environment before.  I have work where the people were crazy (check out my blog on work place bullying). There are times where you can learn a lot of patience from crazy people.  But there are also times where you need to leave crazy with crazy and go on about your business before their craziness affects you.

If you are a victim of being picked out, bullied at work, talked down to, sexually harassed, people are always arguing, or are unprofessional then you need to reflect on if you need to be there.  If you really want to stay at your job you can always file an EEO complaint or go to your HR first. But if the conditions do not improve do not sacrifice your sanity for a job which a bunch of dysfunctional people. Which I have a video down below to also tell you how to handle crazy people on the job but still be professional.

6. It’s Time To Quit Your Job because The company is doing something illegal and/or unethical

I know that this seems extreme but unethical and illegal behavior on workplace happens more often then you think. And I have worked where for companies (as in more than one) where they were doing things I did not feel was legal or ethical. Companies that are billing fraudulent, telling you to do something that is illegal or unethical, or not following policy and procedures are not companies that you want to work for and depending on the situation you do not want to go down with a company that may be in legal trouble.

7. It’s Time To Quit Your Job Case in point: Me Yet Again

I have worked for companies where I felt that need for money was actually hurting the clients and not helping them.  I have worked for a company where I feared for the client’s safety (as in she may kill herself) due to her mental condition, only for the company to brush off my concerns because they did not want to upset the client. I had a company that wanted me to falsify case records.

I had a decision to make and that was to leave.  And a few years after I left the company got into A LOT of legal trouble and had to shut down. Imagine if I was still there when this happened, then I may have been in a lot of legal trouble.  The last thing anyone wants to do is to go to jail or be involved in a lawsuit because of a company you work for and their fraudulent practices.

Your company may not be doing something illegal they may just have shady practices.  Either way, you do not want to be a part of a company like that and have to possibly face legal repercussions over a company you work for, it is never that serious.

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