How To Put On Fake Nails That’ll Last ~ 4 Easy Steps

How To Put On Fake Nails That'll Last ~ 4 Easy Steps

Hey my budget beauties, want to know how to put on fake nails?  Applying gake nails is actually easier than it looks.  And in this day and age fake nails have come a long way.  They can actually look pretty real if you apply them right. I mean maybe not real, but they can look like you got them done in a shop.

So if you have an event, a date, or want to go some where nice and you do not have $50 plus dollars to spend on fake nails or you feel like your money can be spent else where, you are right it probably can be.  Instead of paying someone, save your money, and do it yourself getting the same spectacular results. I also have a video at the bottom that you an watch below on how I applied these fake nails.

I know there may be a stigma around fake nails that they look cheap. But I got into fake nails shortly after I became a single mom and I really could not afford to get my own nails done. And that is when I got into pampering myself and learning how to make it look like I went to spa when really I just did a spa treatment out of my house. So trust me, if I can do it, you can do it.

Step 1. How To Put On Fake Nails & How To Make Fake Nails Stay On Longer. 

The first step on how to put on fake nails is to prep your nails. To make your nails last longer you want to actually prep your nails right. There is nothing more frustrating then thinking that you have done your nails, thinking that they look nice, and when you are out and about you are leaving fake nails in a trail behind you because they are popping off.

Appling fake nails it is all in the prep, the more greasy or residie is on your nails the worse off you will be because the glue will not be able to form a strong bond on your nails meaning that they will not last as long. So, the first thing you want to do is prep your nails. Prepping your nails include wiping them off with an alcohol wipe and pushing down your cuticle. There are instruments for pushing down your cuticle you can try

Here are a few nails kits that can help you prep your nails. Ideally you want your nails to be cut neatly, cuticles pushed back, and your nails do not need to feel oily or have residue on them. They need to feel are clean and bare as possible. So possibly even washing your hands with some anti bacterial soap will ensure that all the oils are off of them.

Step 2. How To Put On Fake Nails ~ File Them Down

Once your cuticle is pushed back, you want to file over your nails. Sometimes the nail set comes with a file or you can use a file from one of my suggested nail sets above. The reason why you want to file over your nails is to give the nails a flatter surface and a rougher surface because doing so will allow the adhesive from the fake nails attach to your actual nail and make them last longer.

Step 3. How To Put On The Fake Nails

Before you get too hype and just start gluing you need to size your nail first. Otherwise you are going to glue and realize that you do not have enough nails or that you glued the nail too small or too big. To prevent from messing up and your nails looking a hot mess, pick the nail that is the closest to your actually nail size as possible.

If you have accent nails (which are nails that are more blinged out or fancier) make sure you decide where you want to place them first.  Because the accent nails does not fit all fingers.  Like if you put a regular nail on your ring finger and the accent nails only fits the ring finger and not the other fingers then you will have to start over. So make sure you know where each nail is going first and that you have a good fit nail for each finger.  That is why it is important to size before gluing.

Step 4. How to Put on Fake Nails ~ Apply The Glue

Sometimes the nail set comes with nail glue sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes the nail glue that the set comes with is really good and really strong and sometimes it isn’t.  If you want your nails to last longer then I recommend using some really strong nail glue which you can click here to see the one that I used. 

Put on a thick amount of nail glue and cover the entire nail with the glue, and then press it for about 30 seconds to make sure the nails stays in place. As you place it, to make it look more real you want to really slide the nail against your cuticle so that it looks like it is growing from your cuticle.

How To Put On Fake Nails Finished Looks

As an additional tidbit, you really want to use nails that are good quality and that look more sophisticated.  Unless you are a tween don’t go too young or child like. Here are some nail suggestions that I think you should use below.

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