6 Obvious Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

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Are you looking for signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you? Then you have come to the right place.  Now before we get into the signs that he doesn’t want a relationship with you I have to let you know I am going to be real with you. It does not help you for me to sit up here and lie to you and tell you that a man wants you when he really doesn’t. Often times, as women we continue to ignore the signs that a man doesn’t want a relationship and we keep trying to search for another answer other than the obvious.

In the famous words of Steve Harvey if a man is REALLY feeling you then he is going to do the three P’s. Protect, profess, and provide (which I have a video on down below that you can watch). And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

All that really means is that it is very rare that a man will want a relationship with you and YOU not know it because he often makes these feelings known to you.  So with that being said here are 6 signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

1. Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationships ~ Because He Says It

I know that this may seem like common sense but when he doesn’t want you he just says it.  Some women only hear what they want to hear or they think that they can change a man’s mind. And because of that they ignore what he is actually saying to them to “prove” to him that she really is what he needs or that she is a ride or die.  Which I also have a video on, on why being a ride or die is just dumb.

On the flip side the man will either be wishy washy with his communication or give the woman mix messages because that is what men do. Often times men think they are being direct when really they aren’t.

They bead around the bush with their words, because they do not want to hurt our feelings or cause us to have a total melt down and break with reality by him telling us that he does not want a relationship. And so he “pads” how he feels so it can sound softer. But really,what he is trying to say is that he does not see you as girlfriend material. Some examples of the padding of the words when he doesn’t want a relationship include:

  • I only see you as a friend
  • I do not want a girlfriend, he can even add the words “right now”
  • I do not want to get married
  • I want to focus on myself
  • I don’t have time for a relationship. 
  • You deserve better. 
  •  You are one of my best friends.
  • I love you but I am not in love with you. 

Basically any words that equal you two NOT being in a relationship means that he does not want a relationship. Instead of women seeing this for what it is, most women want to tell themselves that he is hurt or to just give it time, or that you can change his mind.  All the above code words really means is that he does not want to be in a relationship with you. Don’t read more into it than what it is.

You may even be saying to yourself that you have “sex” or make love with one another so he has to feel some type of way about you. He doesn’t. Sex and a relationship does not go hand and hand in a man’s eyes. And he can have sex with you and still NOT want a relationship with you.  You really need to get that Steve Harvey book “Act Like a Lady And Think Like A Man” click my affiliate link here. because he will school you on the ways of a man and you will see all that I say is true.

2. Signs he doesn’t want a relationship is that you have never met anyone close to him

The second of the signs he doesn’t want a relationship is that you don’t know anyone who knows him. If you just started dating then yes you may not meet these people right away. But if you have been dating for a while and you have never meant anyone in his inner circle there is a reason for this. When he doesn’t want you he doesn’t want to introduce you to anyone because he does not plan on keeping you around. When you are gone he does not want his family and friends asking about you and missing you.  So it is just best not to even let them know about you.

  • If the only people that you have ever meant in his life are the four corners of the walls in his house then that is a problem. 
  • If he says that he is going out with his friends and never seems to invite you then that is a problem. 
  • If you have been dating for a long time and you have yet to meet one person in his family, friends, or even co-worker that is a problem. 

If you are unsure here is how you can test this.  The next time he goes out with his friends tell him you would like to meet his friends or go out with them one time and see what he says.  If you two have been dating for a while start asking questions about his mother and hint that you would like to meet her some day.

If it is a major holiday, and he is spending time with his family.  Call him (NOT TEXT) to wish him a happy (Christmas or whatever).  If he avoids you  meeting his friends, meetings his mom, questions about his mom, or does not even want to pick up the phone and talk to you when he is around his family then you have your answer.

3.  Signs He doesn’t want a relationship because he doesn’t like talking to you. 

The 3rd of the signs he doesn’t want a relationship is if you are always the one calling him, texting him, or instant messaging him first. I recommend you stop.  It is likely that you are the driving force in this relationship. I can almost guarantee you that if you stop contacting him then he will stop contacting you. On the flip side if all he does is just text and that is it then you should also be concerned.  As I said in my blog post the time I was on Tinder for one week, all the men did initiate contact first with a good morning.

But it became painfully obvious I was just one of many women that they shot a text out to that day. It was not personal, nothing that signified they wanted to get to know me, just some random text throughout the day. So not only does he need to actually initiate contact BUT he also needs to talk to you on the phone, Facetime, or some other method that requires him to give his full undivided attention to you during the moment you are talking.  These are one of the signs that he does like you and you can watch my video down below for more signs that he is into you.

4. Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship ~ He Just Tells You Anything And Doesn’t Keep His Word With you

As a man his word should be his bond. If you are with someone that never keeps dates with you is always telling you that they are going to do something but they do not follow through, then that means you are not important enough to them for you to follow up with. For example

  • If a man keep saying that he is going to to call but never calls then that is a problem. 
  • If a man says he is going to take you out on a date on Saturday but when Saturday comes you never hear from him and he does not answer his phone then that is a problem.
  • If a man says that he is on the way to your house never shows up that is a problem.
  • If a man says one thing and then does another then that is a problem. 

If you are unsure, then here is how you can figure this part out.  Pick a specific day and really hype of the day and let him know how important it is to you and that you want him to go with you to xyz. If he does not agree or is reluctance to agree then you have your answer.  The only exception is that he has a legitimate excuse like his immediate family member died and yes I would want to see the obituary…just kidding, kind of, sort of.

My point is that if a man really wants a relationship with you then he is going to try to impress you, spend time with you, and show you that the things that are important to you are also important to him. The last thing he is going to do is try to get out of doing something that he can clearly see means so much to you.

Now if he agrees, and as the times comes or the day of he cancels on you, changes his plans last minute, or you just do not hear from him at all. Then you have your answer. He doesn’t want you, he doesn’t want a relationship with you, and at this point he does not respect you.  You can also watch my video here on the power of your word.

5. Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship ~ Because He Only Wants To See You Inside

And by inside I mean includes his house, inside his car, inside his bed, inside your bed, or inside anywhere that is not the outside. How can I put this to you in a gentle way? If the above things are the ONLY reason why he is contacting you then you may just be a booty call. If you and him have never seen the light of day together, that is a big indication that something is wrong. Which include:

  • You are not his girlfriend and he does not want to be seen with you in public. 
  • Another one of his girlfriends may catch him if he goes out with you in public. 
  • A family member or a friend may see him with you if he goes out with you in public, they may want to meet you, and we have already talked  about why they cannot happen. 
  • He does not respect you enough to even take you out on a date. He does not want to waste his money on you and would rather get what he wants from you (AKA Sex) the fastest, cheapest, and with the least amount of effort as possible. 

At this point if your “man” has shown some of these signs he doesn’t want you then you may be pretty pissed off at me for shedding the light on your situation.  But I think that if you really think about it then you should know that he doesn’t want you. Us women we always know but we just have trouble believing. Now that you know what signs to look for. You may be wondering what you can do about. And to that you can go two ways.

6. When He He Doesn’t Want A Relationship Here’s What To Do

  • When He Doesn’t Want You, You Don’t Want Him:  I mean just straight up GHOST him. Do not worry yourself with anyone who is not worried about you. And even if he never calls you again or notices that you are missing, trust that one day he is going to be sitting there looking for someone to text and think to himself. “Whatever happened to so and so.” And even if he didn’t really like you it is going to be a blow to his ego that you  just up and ghosted him with a warning, sign, or a dramatic scene with a bunch of crying and begging him to love you.
  • When He Doesn’t Want You just to pull WAYYYYYY back.  Don’t be his little running puppet that every time he text, calls, or jumps then you jump. Just pull way back, go about your life, and barely realize that he is there. And you may even realize that you don’t want a relationship with him.

If he really wants to talk to you then he will see it and make a better effort. If no then he won’t even notice that you are gone and you have your answer that this was never going to progress into a relationships in the first place.

If you know a woman that is going back and forth with a guy and she is not sure if he wants a relationship with her or not then go ahead and share this post with her. PLUS, I have something for you and it is my book for single women “Fix It, Jesus! For Single Women Only. The Straightforward No-Nonsense Guide To Dating, Relationships, and Self Improvement (click here to buy)”

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5 Of The Most Obvious signs he doesn't want a relationship with you, doesn’t want you, and is using you. Learn the relationship go.

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