3 Ways Women With Low Self Esteem Ruin Their Relationships

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Now I am fully aware that what I am about to say is more than likely going to really piss some of you off.  Women with low self esteem do not belong in relationships.  That is not to say you can never be in a relationship but until you work on your self-esteem you have no business being in one.

The main reason being is because having low self-esteem sets the precedence that will allow a man to walk all over you. It gives obvious signs to men that you do not even feel good about yourself, you do not honor yourself, and you do not cherish yourself so why should they?

Some men actually prey on women with low self esteem because it is easier to control women who feel bad about themselves through emotional abuse further making their self-esteem worse and further making the woman more dependent on her emotional abuser.  If you don’t believe me check out my video down below where I talk more about this. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here. 

1. Signs Of Women With Low Self Esteem ~ Common Scenarios Woman With Low Self Esteem Have:

  • The woman stays in a bad relationship because she does not feel she can do better.
  • The woman allows a man to walk all over her, disrespect her and makes her self esteem lower than what it already is.
  • The woman is extremely controlling, self-conscious, clingy and in eternal fear that her man will leave her.  Making her a nightmare to deal with. 
  • The woman’s emotions are also contingent upon her getting validation from her relationship. And will often ask for validation from her man in order to feel good about herself. 

If you have low self esteem as a woman then not all of you may be in a bad relationship you may actually be in a good one but even if you do have a good relationship there are effects that your low self-esteem can have on your partner.  No one wants to be the sole source of making you happy and making you feel good about yourself, this is something you should be able to do on your own.

Your partner may find this flattering at first because they have the ability to make you feel good BUT soon that will get tiring and overwhelming because they have their own life to live and their sole purpose in life is not to always have to pour into you to make your self-esteem better.

BUT, most women with low self esteem put themselves at risk to draw in men who want to dominate them and use their self-esteem against them.  And you may be wondering how you know the difference.  You can check out my video below to see the traits of a good man (don’t forget to click here to subscribe to my channel).

Most men who are good for you will have these traits BUT know that as I said above there is a large possibility that you will drive a man like this away with your baggage and issues.  Because loving someone with low self-esteem is hard and emotionally draining. But most of the time having low self-esteem in a relationship puts you at risk for men who want to prey on you.

2. Women With Low Self Esteem ~ Signs of a man that is preying on a woman with low self esteem

  • Breaks you down emotionally and even sometimes physically. 
  • Wants to make you feel like you are lucky to be with him. Like you are nothing and he is everything.
  • He will play head games with her to basically get what he wants out of her which is to control her, sex, and have her in an eternal state of confusion.  

The worst mistake for a woman to make is to allow other people to determine how she feels about herself. This type of thinking will have the woman believing that she is not sufficient in her own right instead she will rely on a man to make her feel complete and as a result, she will take anything from the man, because she is so afraid that he will leave and leave her feeling incomplete. When in fact that is exactly how the man wants you to feel.  Also check out my video down below for mind game that men play.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, then my dear you may be a woman with low self esteem and what is worst is you are allowing your low self-esteem to ruin your life and you are getting into sub-par relationships with men who think they can run all over you and you may not even see it. In the long run, this is only making your self esteem worse. And the more you date men like this the lower your self-esteem will go down the drain and before you know it you are just a doormat for men who want to stomp on you, use you, and throw you away without any care in the world.

3. Women With Low Self Esteem ~ What To Do Instead

  • The first thing you must do in the case of low self-esteem and a bad relationship is cut off the bad relationship. Just rip the band-aid off.  It will only hurt for a little while, but over time you will see that you have made the right choice. You need to have no contact, do not allow him in your ear because that will only draw you back in, walking away from a bad relationship and having no contact will give you clarity.
  • Fourth, consider counseling or life coaching.  You can click here to see the life coaching packages I offer.  If you, cannot do it yourself then enlist the help of someone else to help you out.

  • Fifth, Be the master of your own life. Look good (click to read my blog here on why looks matter), feel good, and do something with your life that will make you feel proud of it. Do you think Michelle Obama is really sitting around having low self-esteem or even Oprah? I mean look at all of their accomplishments it makes it kind of hard for them to feel bad about themselves or allow men to treat them badly.

Case and point me:

Although I never had low self-esteem I can say that when I got on my A-game and really committed to becoming my absolute best my self-esteem got a huge boost.  I was no longer prey for men who wanted to emotionally abuse me or just use me for sex. And that is because I changed how I saw myself and what I deserved. I can almost guarantee you that once you raise your self-esteem you will quickly realize that you do not need to put up with a lot of foolishness in a relationship.

When a man thinks you’re a diamond he will value you (See my blog here) but if he thinks you are cheap cubic zirconia then that is how he will treat you. And the only person that can determine how much you are worth is you. Low self-esteem and relationships (and by relationships, I mean good relationships) just don’t mix because your low self-esteem will determine how men treat you and as we have already talked about we know where that road leads and they are more likely to treat you how you feel about yourself.  Also, check out my video on how to become a high-value woman AND don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. 

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  1. I’m a guy, but have seen this with tons of women with human garbage for decades. They always stay and end up having nervous breakdowns. conveniently suddenly becoming religious for a distraction (never works or lasts long), become addicts, drunks or worse. My best friend folds to her controlling, narcissistic husband by enabling him in her doormat folding ways and the guy’s a wimp mentally, especially with regular people.

    Friend of another always goes back to a pathetic excuse of a human being because thinks this ugly weirdo is all she deserves when she’s a knockout a great personality and a sweet disposition. Breaks your heart and maddens you at the same time. Great post. I’ll be sharing without question not that it’ll do any good because it’s a sad syndrome that really is a disorder. Maddening.

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