3 Legit Answers To Why God Keeps Me Single

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Are you wondering why God keeps me single? I personally believe that there are some reasons why God wants you single and don’t worry I am not talking about forever. Some of the BAD reasons, I talked about in this past post that you can read here, and they include you need to work on some things, because you may not be ready for a relationship.

But let’s say you are fine, healed, and that Proverbs 31 woman that all men would fall over themselves to have. BUT, no one is falling and there is no man in sight. And so, there are some GOOD reasons why God is keeping you single (for now that is, not forever) that I want to share with you.

And before you say that there are NO good reasons why God would want you to be single, I will say that for me I used to say the same thing. That was until I matured and fully stepped into my own that I realized that there is NO ONE, YES not one of my exes that I would have married from my past because to do so would have been to hold me back, and I speak about this in my video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

When I really prayed to God about this, He told me to get real with myself and the men that I was dating was nowhere near the type of men that I should have been dating. They were toxic, not leaders, and could do nothing for me spiritually let alone do anything for themselves.

I was stuck in being with men with six-packs and attractiveness, but they were NOT equally yoked with me and therefore it would have been stupid for God to allow me to be with anyone of them. I would have been miserable and stunted in my maturity. And these are the reason that I am going to talk about why God wants you single.

1. Why God Keeps Me Single ~ God Wants You To Be Single Because You He Cannot Just Give You To Anyone

One of the signs God wants you to be single is because he just can’t give you to anyone. When all my relationships and dating situations were going to crap (they were) like literally criminal records, jail, I mean I could not meet a good man to save my life and I used to think that God was playing a practical joke on me (just check out my tinder dating experiences).

And He was because He wanted me to stop and wait. God told me to just calm down. There are several examples in the Bible where God has a “ONE” for people which you can read about in my blog here or view my video below about soul mates. I am not saying that everyone has a soul mate but we cannot deny that God has played matchmaker. God wants you to marry the right one and not just anyone, and that anyone has not come into your life yet so in the meantime God can’t let you just be with anyone knowing that He has someone better for you.

2. Why God Keeps Me Single ~ You Need To Upgrade Yourself

The second of the signs God wants you to be single is that you need to upgrade yourself. This too is something that I went through, God is so real with you when it comes to your downfalls. I am not just talking about vanity, but the fact of the matter is that God knows what you can look like at your best and be like at your best both inside and out.

If you read, the Bible story of Esther she went through an entire year of beauty treatments, got her own special room in the castle, and made friends before she met the king. She did not just walk in the castle out of the street, but she had to improve, upgrade, learn royal etiquette, and she had to learn to look better, AND there is nothing wrong with that. If you look at my level up video below there is a difference between be now and me then, and I simply would not attract the same man now that I would then.

I am smarter, matured, I am not dancing on the tabletops at bars, I am classier, I am more of a woman whereas then I was just a party girl who thought it was cute to have my butt hanging out. I even went through my own beauty treatments by losing 70 pounds and clearing up my skin, among other things as you can see from my level up video above because I have learned that before you get God’s best He wants you to be your best to bring you, His best.

3. Why God Keeps Me Single ~ You Need To Move

The last of the signs God wants you to be single is maybe you need to move. I wrote about this in my blog about God wants you to move or to be pushed blog. Think about it like this, when Ruth moved to Bethlehem that is when she met Boaz. She could not meet Boaz in Moab because Boaz was not in Moab.

Now, this does not have to be a literal move of course, but it can be a move of job, chasing your purpose, moving out of your home town, for you to stop being so afraid to share your talents and to live life.  Can you imagine if God wanted you to say, start a YouTube Channel or even a blog, and through doing that you can become self-sufficient and make your own money and travel around the world, and one on of your trips you met the man of your dreams.

That may be an extreme example BUT the point was for you to get out of your comfort zone and start a business, to make your life more comfortable by making money, and that by doing so you put yourself in a position to meet a certain type of man. Spin it how you want but you get the picture.

God may be telling you to get up and do something for your own benefit because your man is up there and you are stuck sitting on the couch watching the paint dry on the wall living below what you are intended. You will see what I mean in my video below chase the purpose and not the man. I believe that when you start to chase more purpose, the man will meet you along the way.

I hope this gives you hope as to why God is keeping you single so that you can STOP asking yourself why God keeps me single and to start taking actions and know that all the reasons are not bad but to just push you to be your best and that by being your best you may get a better man than what you have even asked for. Check out my book for Christian single women “Fix It Jesus For Single Women Only” by clicking here and if you want to try before you buy then click here and get the first few chapters for free.

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