What Men Want From A Woman Vs What Women Give Them

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In this post, I am going to tell you what men want from a woman. Because the fact of the matter is that what men really want and what women think men really want can be two different things. A woman might call her behavior caring a man may call it needy. A woman may call her behavior nurturing while a man calls her behavior controlling. A woman may think that she is in a relationship with a man when really to him they are just casual or dating.

For example, I recently spoke to a friend who fell madly in “love” with a guy. While on the first date she had an intense make-out session with him and let him feel up her dress. She told me that she wanted to let him know that she was into him, how passionate she was, how carefree and open she was about sex.

Their short relationship consisted of him dogging her out and a few months later she was shocked to see that he had moved on to someone else despite her best efforts to express her interest in him by letting him feel her up on the first date.

Her question to me was

What did I do wrong?”

She had given him everything he wanted, she had tried to be everything that she wanted him to be, she said and did everything that he wanted her to say and do and now at this point he was leaving her and she could not understand why.

1. What Men Want From A Woman ~ What did she do wrong?

What my friend did wrong is what a lot of women do wrong. They fall into infatuation with a man and then give the man what they think the man wants. So instead of being herself and letting the man fall in love with her for the person she is, she transformed herself into Molly the Maid and became his living and breathing servant. And that is NOT what men want. So let’s go ahead and debunk so many myths about what men really want shall we.

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2. What Men Want From A Woman ~ Is Sex?

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Misconception

A woman feels that having sex with a man, making out with a man, or doing anything sexual with a man means that they like you or want something deeper. And a woman feels that if she hurries up and gives a man sex so GOOD that it will make him marry her, girlfriend, or at least be in a relationship with her.

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Reality

Men will have sex, touch, and kiss almost anyone woman, and not really like them, care about them, or want a relationship with them. In fact, men want us to hold out. I mean think about it. Anything worth having has been worked for. When things come too easy, it diminishes its worth and he starts to think that you gave in the sex too easy. Perhaps she is not great as I thought or worse perhaps she sleeps around or sleeps with everyone on the first date. And before you know it, it has just put you in the sex friend-only zone.

3. What Men Want From A Woman ~ Sensual Not Overly Sexual

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Misconception

Women think to keep a man’s interest they must be sexually flirtatious and talk about sex often with the man.  I am not going to lie to you because men are very visual creatures in the sense that you need to take care of yourself.  However, as a woman, it is important for you to know to be sensual but not dress overly sexually.

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What Men Want From A Woman ~  Reality

Men want you to be normal and be yourself. They want to get to know you and see if you are someone they can spend long periods of time with.  You can only have sex a few hours out of the day (if that) and for the other 23 hours, you actually need to be able to communicate with one another.

If all you talk about is sex if all you dress like is sex, all you want is sex, and all you ooze is sex then a man is going to think of you as just sex. Not a future wife and not the future mother of his children. There is nothing that you have said or done to prove that to him if all you want to talk about is sex. Instead, show aspects of your personality that say that you are girlfriend and wife material. Actually have the depth to your conversation.

4. What Men Want From A Woman ~ For You To Turn Off The Rose-Colored Glasses

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Misconception

Women think that when they are dating a man that this automatically means that they are in a relationship. Women think that as soon as they go on one date with a man that this is their future husband and then the women start to turn insane. She starts to turn clingy, controlling, and all of that is a huge turn-off.

The woman has already planned some wedding and relationship in her head and thinks that by talking about it that somehow someway this is going to force his hand into being with her.  Women are the only ones that just meet a man on the onset and start to feel like they are the one without actually getting to know them.  Check out my video down below where I talk about this more.

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Reality

For men, when they are dating you they are more than likely dating other people. They consider themselves to be in a relationship with you when you both have a conversation and agree that you two are in a monogamous relationship. (see my blog here for more on that).

Men do want relationships. What they do not want is a clingy woman that is planning out their entire lives within the first 5 minutes of meeting them. Under any of the circumstances that would warrant a restraining order and not a relationship. So just be normal, get to know him just as much as he is getting to know you, before trying to force a man into a relationship with you.

5. What Men Want From A Woman ~ Men Love The Chase

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Misconception

Women think that if they play too hard to get or do not give men what they want they will go away. And so what this leads to is women jumping through hoops and being overly and too available to men.  Which I talk about in my video below.

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Reality

If a man only wants you for sex and you play hard to get then they will go away.  If a man is looking for a real relationship, then they likes when you play hard to get.  Men are hunters, they like the chase.  Men want to feel like they are getting a prize.  Giving in too soon will make them wonder how many other men have gotten it too soon. But if you go about living your own life, not staying glued to your phone, and not be so available he will actually try harder to get your attention because he sees that your attention is not given to things so easily it is a thing to be earned.

6. What Men Want From A Woman ~ Men Just Want The Real You

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Misconception

Men like women who are agreeable and want women to agree with everything they say.  I used to have a friend and she really believed this.  We would go out and talk to men and she would literally agree with them.  What I noticed in our interaction is that the men would just stay the most outlandish nonsense just to see if she would agree with it.  That is a man testing you by just telling you something stupid and if you agree with it that signifies to him that he can easily manipulate you.

What Men Want From A Woman ~ Reality

A man does not want an argumentative woman. But a man does not want a robot either.  A man wants a woman that has her own thoughts, opinions, and the conviction to stand behind her own opinions.  Who wants to have a conversation with someone that just nods their head yes all the time?  If someone is just going to agree with everything you say then you mind as well just talk to yourself. There is no benefit of you being around if everything you are about is just going to mirror him.

7. What Men Want From A Woman ~ Recap

In case you are confused let me sum up all the points for you.

  • They do not want a woman that gives it up too soon. I do not care if they are begging you for sex and telling you they will not judge you.  Deep down they will judge you.  And deep down they want you to hold out.
  • They want you to be the real you. Meaning do not be the person that you think they want you to be.  Just like women, they can see through the fakeness.  They will allow you to be fake but in the back of their mind, they know you are just pretending to be what you think they want you to be.  Which is a big turn-off.
  • They want you to be sexy but not a sex demon. You can be sexy and you can even like to have sex.  But there is a time and a place for that.  And the place is when you are in a committed relationship with only him.  So to be clear, getting it on, on the first date, on top of the pool table in the middle of a sports bar is a big NO NO.
  • That is not being sexually adventurous.  That is being promiscuous.  Even if you are not having sex you can look sexy, but do not be wide open about it.  Get to know him first before you take it to another level. And also, learn to be about MORE than just sex, talk about MORE than just sex, let him be attracted to you for more reasons other than sex.

8. What Men Want From A Woman ~ Tips To Always Follow: 

We can talk all day about what men want but let’s talk about what you want.  Men can want a lot of things and have you jumping through hoops to figure them out.  So no matter what a man wants I need you to remember to ALWAYS follow these things.

  • Have standards: These means do not let him come over to your house in the middle of the night when you do not really know him. This leads to casual sex, which is what you don’t want.  You want a relationship, not a hookup. (see my blog here for more on this topic)
  • Do not let him put you in the category with the “other women.” Meaning that there are so many women who do the wrong things, that when he meets you he will think you are like those other women.
  • Do not let him lump you with those other women.  Prove that you are different, prove that you are one of a kind (because you are), and make him realize that you are worth keeping. And if he does not realize it, then move on. Never compete with another woman just to prove to him how special you are. (see my blog here for more on this topic)
  • Date and Get To Know. So to be clear. No dates where he comes to your house and no dates where you come to his house and just sit around.  Actually go places, let him take you to dinner, movies, or a vacation.  This will give you the opportunity to see how he acts in public and to see what he likes to do. 

So that is about it for all of my tips on what men really want in a woman. If you know a fellow single woman that needs these tips then feel free to share this post with her.

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  1. I totally agree with what you posted. You stated some great points and I will be sharing this post with a couple of friends that are a little clueless when it comes to dating.

  2. LOVE!!! So true and we have all made those mistakes in the form of misconceptions. I know I have but I have learned and now I am with my king 🙂

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