Do Not Be Conformed To The World (Learn To Think How God Thinks)

Is the Bible Outdated ~ Yeah, Sort of, But Not Really

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As a Christian, the Bible teaches “Do Not Be Conformed To The World.” But what exactly does that mean? How can we not be conformed to the world when we live in the world? The Bible can be full of cryptic messages that seem difficult to understand.  This is why I am here to help you out by explaining what it means to not be conformed by the world. To start off, let’s get the context of where the verse came from. How many of you know that you cannot just take one Bible verse and know its entire meaning.

Instead, you must look at how it was used to get the entire context of what God intended. If you are not used to reading the Bible then I highly suggest you start, I have a blog post on how you can start reading and understanding the Bible. Being a Christian makes life a little bit easier when you know and understand the context of what is being read.

Do Not Be Conformed To The World: Take this Bible Verse

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is his good, pleasing and perfect will. Roman 12:2

When you choose not to be conformed to this world it means that we are all called to be in the world but not of the world. There are a lot of things in this world that has become acceptable and many people are so blinded by what is called right in the world when really it is wrong.

In the world. We want to accept everything, everyone, and everybody’s behavior and have become afraid to call crazy, crazy or stupid, stupid. And for anyone who dares call a wrong out for being wrong, then all of a sudden they are intolerant.

We would support a woman wanting to marry her stepson and her pet turtle at the same time just because we would want to understand everyone’s perspective no matter how far-fetched it is.  BUT the sad thing is that many people do not even know what is right in the eyes of God. The reason for that is because:

  • They don’t know God. 
  • They listen too much to other people.
  • They cannot think for themselves and therefore believe what the world tells them. 

When you read the above Bible verse it CLEARLY tells you how to not be of this world. It tells you that you must transform your mind and the reason why you MUST transform your mind so that you will understand and see things that why that God sees them.

Do Not Be Conformed To The World (Think How God Thinks): Case In Slut-Shaming

Let me give you a real example of do not be conformed to the world.  Let’s talk about sly shaming. To be clear, I do not feel that shaming anyone is good.  But let’s be real, to advertise the fact that you are a “slut” and that women should be proud of that is misguided. The best thing about humans is that were are separate from animals and that we can attach to people.  When men and women have sex hormones are released that tell them to attach to one another in an emotional way.

We are not genetically made up to freely sleep with one another without the ability to connect on a deeper level (see my blog here).  So why downgrade ourselves like we are animals who just randomly walk around having sex with each other.  Like we do not have the ability to control ourselves or our impulses when we do. And then someone calls that empowering.

And you can get on me all you want to but I promise you I do not even know all of you reading this post but I love you too much to lie to you. This whole hook-up culture where you need to feel free to share your body with any and every one without having some type of personal connection with them is the PERFECT example of being conformed to the world.

God says your body is your temple, it is special, and having sex with any and everybody is works of the flesh. But the world says that it is okay and most of the world believes it is okay despite what God says. And that is a perfect example of being in the world and not of the world.  This thinking is a prime example of how a person is conforming to the world instead of calling it what it is. Crazy.  Also, check out my video on how being exclusive with yourself is actually attractive. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here. 

Do Not Be Conformed To The World and How To Do It Exactly

Do not be conformed to the world and be transformed by the renewing of your mind. As I got deeper and deeper into my Christian walk I began to talk more and more with God. God became more real to me. Not only did I begin to transform my mind but I became very aware that God is with me all day every day and in the end, I was going to have to be accountable for some things that I did, the way that I think, and even the things I support.

I remember when I really sat down to think about it I thought about all of the wrong things that I had done and I thought about what could I possibly tell God to justify my wrongdoing. Things that I literally read in the Bible, knew, and I decided to openly sin in His face anyway. Maybe that is not a big deal to some of you but for some reason, it was to me. At that moment I just felt that it was not acceptable to:

  •  Be ignorant of what the Bible says and not follow it. 
  • What could I tell God to make Him understand me having sex with men I was not married to or emotionally connected to? When God says not to fornicate?
  • What could I tell God to make him understand doing wrong things to people when he says to love your neighbor is the second greatest commandment of all?

I know that it seems like I am getting a little bit off-topic here but I want to make a point. The point is that the more that God becomes real to you and the more you read your Bible the more you start to understand God, what He wants, and how God thinks.

This is also known as the Holy Spirit.

And once you are guided by the Holy Spirit you are being guided by God Himself and no longer are you following what the world feels but what God feels.

“God is calling us out to listen to Him and not to be so into what we think the world thinks we should do or what we think the world wants us to believe.”

And choose to not be sucked into worldly thinking but Godly thinking. And if you do not know what Godly thinking is then ask God through the Holy Spirit to find out what it is.  You would hate for it to be too late, you living your whole life in the ways of the world, only to find out on judgment day you lived it all wrong. And saying that you didn’t know is no excuse that is called being ignorant.

Do Not Be Conformed To The World Because you need to stop listening to the world.

So many people care way too much about what other people think. Remember the old saying “If your friends told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?” I hope you have sense enough in this day and age to say no. Just because other people tell you to do something or other people think something is right does not make it true.

Do not be conformed to the world because people should not be your guide for right and wrong. Do not let other people tell you what is right and what is wrong. I know it seems easy but there are so many people in this world that live by other people’s rules and to do so is being conformed by the world.

  • People listen to other people on what job to take. 
  • Who to date. 
  • Who to marry. 
  • What to Believe. 
  • What college to go to. 
  • What to major in.

Not only are you being conformed by the world but you are not even living your own life at this point. You are just doing what other people want you to do.  As a Christian, I learned to just listen to God and trust God. YES, it is hard because it means that you have to trust something that you do not see. But the thing about trusting God is that you know He’s not wrong and He will not lead you astray.

Do Not Be Conformed To The World

Do Not Be Conformed To The World Remember To Have Faith

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1 

Therefore it seems like common sense that you would want to follow God know that God’s way is perfect.  Do not be conformed to the world and when people are instead of listening and following God, people want to follow other people and follow the ways of the wrong even if both are wrong.  I want to tell you that I am a very normal person. I know that speaking and hearing from God scares a lot of Christians. It is much easier to follow a world that you live in and one you can see over following a God you can’t.

Many Christians fear they will come off as Bible-thumping psychos if they choose to follow God unconditionally regardless of what everyone else is doing. Once again if this is your fear then you are literally putting too much weight on what the world thinks and not enough on what God thinks.  Some of us believe so much in horoscopes, the moon alignment, and psychics…but we do not believe what God has to say? What sense does that make? So do not be conformed to this world.  Either you want to follow the world or you want to follow God.  You cannot follow both. I have a great video, when I talk about is “manifesting a sin” you can watch it down below.

I have learned that you cannot be afraid to stand up for what is right, for what God says is right, and not fall into a world of crazy because the world is telling you that doing the wrong thing is right.  At the end of the day, when you die; you are responsible for yourself.  You cannot blame your wronging doings on anyone else but yourself. Remember that old phrase, what would Jesus do?  For everything that you do, everything you believe, and everything you stand up for just asks yourself.

Would Jesus do this? Or would Jesus want me to do this?  In every action ask yourself, will this make God happy or mad? If you know it will make God mad, then do not do it.  God’s grace is with us, but there is always self-control.  And sometimes we need to take it upon ourselves to just do the right thing, and no try to sin in God’s face and call it a right when we know it is wrong. So remember do not be conformed by the world, learn to think how God wants you to think, and you will be fine.

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  1. This is a wonderful article, it helps me understand that I am not as wrong as I thought that people follow each other blindly and never think about the deeper other side of things

  2. I love this blog post. I’m not sure when you wrote it or who you are, but I just started a bible study called “Cultivate Worship.” It nothing more than a journal where you have some prompts starting with writing scripture. Our verse today was Romans 12:1-2 and so I was digging a little deeper and found your post. What a wonderful Spirit filled person you seem to be. What I love most about your blog post was you didn’t beat around the bush to explain what you shouldn’t be doing. I like to smoke pot once in awhile and I struggle the more I get into the bible that I am sinning against God. What you said at the end, if you feel like it’s wrong, then it’s probably God talking to me telling me to stop. I’m curious if you feel it’s a sin and what your thought are on that. I have friends (the world) that tell me that’s not what scripture is saying. God bless you on your spiritual journey. You seem like a wonderful ambassador for God’s kingdom and so glad I stumbled on your post.

    • I am so glad you liked the post. I am Sophia and the creator of this blog. God bless you and thanks for your comment.

      • What about people who channel so-called good aliens? I know channeling is wrong but there’s people out there who channel “aliens or extra terrestrials” believing these aliens are giving us information to help us “advance”.

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